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Benefits of Choosing a HIPAA Certified Cloud Provider

Congress passed the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, in 1996. Since then, healthcare organizations have worked hard to establish standardized formats for patient health, administrative, and financial data. 

Security mechanisms surrounding electronic Protected Healthcare Information (ePHI) that ensure confidentiality, data integrity, and availability are key to these efforts. Your medical facility has worked hard to become HIPAA compliant – and so have we.

US Signal engaged Health Care Management Inc. to examine our institutional policies and procedures and recommend changes to ensure our facilities and practices are HIPAA compliant. As a result, US Signal has instituted:

  • Corporate Security Officer that directs the implementation and monitoring of standards and protocols related to ePHI
  • Internal security rules that govern everything from password creation to access into data centers
  • Incident Response Team that quickly rectifies any potential security risk (internal or external) to prevent data breaches
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan that is reviewed and tested annually
  • Eight-person Executive Security Team that scrutinizes all aspects of US Signal’s HIPAA compliance efforts to ensure their integrity and relevance

The HIPAA Act stipulates over 100 controls that must be in place in order to be deemed compliant to the law. Healthcare Management Inc. has created a report that shows US Signal’s policies and procedures have satisfied each one of these controls and attests that US Signal is a HIPAA compliant company. We are happy and proud to share this report with you. Just ask us.

HIPAA compliance is deeply embedded in US Signal’s corporate culture. Your ePHI, how it traverses our network and how it sits in our data centers is our number one priority. We have invested substantial capital in safety features and staff training to guard our facilities and the information it houses. As new requirements for higher levels of security inevitably present themselves, US Signal is prepared to meet those demands.

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Mark Neistat

Mark Neistat is the Field Marketing Manager for US Signal. Utilizing the resources of US Signal’s highly-skilled marketing team, he works directly with partners to develop and implement detailed strategies that create awareness, build their brand, and highlight combined strengths. Mark’s diverse career included stints as a call center manager, selling network services, product marketing, and, with US Signal, assisting in developing the go-to-market strategy for Cloud Hosting. Today, he uses his over 25-years’ of sales and marketing experience to contribute to the US Signal blog – which he thoroughly enjoys.