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Data Disaster Strikes!

Recently, a US Signal customer experienced the terror of data loss.  The client had been backing up the data with legacy backup software they had previously purchased. Backups were frequently performed, but they were stored on the same set of discs that were being backed up. This wasn’t a problem until the discs began having issues.  This catastrophic failure shut down their entire infrastructure, reducing their productivity to near zero. Employees were sent home and an entire day of productivity was lost.

Top 4 Drivers of Cloud Adoption

Cloud computing presents a new model for IT service delivery over the Internet with on demand, self-service access. Made dynamically scalable and elastic by pools of virtualized resources, cloud computing is improving the way businesses and IT operate by offering fast start up, flexibility, and scalability. A 2014 study by North Bridge Venture Partners and Gigaom Research revealed the top 4 drivers that are moving businesses to the cloud.

The Google Cloud Gamble

With all the ways that Google is integrated in our personal and business lives, it is important to ask if Google Cloud is the right place for critical enterprise applications. From an Information Security perspective, Google is a major source of Shadow IT within business because of the ease of use and adaptability. From shared Google Docs to unsanctioned online voicemail, an Information Security team can be chasing shadows every day to ensure business data is secure and private.