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Advantages of Cloud Computing – A View from the Trenches

A customer recently asked for a cost justification for moving their on-premises servers to the cloud.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, given the fact that here in the Midwest, my customers are a conservative bunch, slower to move to new technology.  To me, the argument has long been won. The decision to move to the cloud for a mid-sized company is a ‘no brainer.’  Though more attractive cloud server pricing is receiving more customer interest, it reminded me that we still need to relate both tangible and intangible benefits to make a sale.

We Heart You | Customer Service Model

Our number one priority at US Signal is providing the best customer service to our customers and partners. We are constantly adapting to do what’s best for you and always have your needs, safety, privacy and reputation in mind when providing our data services. Our customer service is one of our most important assets that allows us to provide you with an all-encompassing approach to IT solutions, separating ourselves from the rest.