Weather the Storm with HIPAA-compliant Disaster Recovery

April 18, 2018
Compliance, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Healthcare

Unprecedented snowstorms and powerful storms with drenching rain, howling winds, and surging waves have pounded the northeast part of the United States throughout the last couple of months. They are a reminder of how deadly and damaging weather events can be.

With widely publicized reports of storms like these shutting down businesses and affecting lives, in recent years many organizations have taken steps to bolster their business continuity/disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.

One of them is Baystate Health System (BHS), an integrated health system in Springfield, Mass. Not long ago the organization moved toward a hyper-converged model to replace its aging data center infrastructure. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to achieve a high level of disaster recovery, as well as better performance.

The Need for a Safety Net

Still, BHS wanted an added layer of resiliency as a safety net. Complicating matters were HIPAA compliance requirements for aggressive security protocols, the desire for geodiversity, and and the need for a solution that could have the organization back up and running within two hours of any outage or disaster — storm-related or not. 

DRaaS for Added Resiliency

Enter US Signal. US Signal’s HIPAA-compliant disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) met BHS’s requirements, providing the desired complement to its data center replacement project.

The HIPAA-compliant solution provides fully managed data protection with near continuous block-level replication for proven RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes. With several HIPAA-compliant data centers strategically located throughout the Midwest, US Signal was also able to provide a data center site in Michigan to give BHS the geodiversity it previously lacked. 

The overall solution has generated significant benefits for BHS, including cost savings and peace of mind. To get the full story on US Signal’s work with Baystate Health, read the case study.

Beef Up Your DR Efforts

To learn more about enhancing or supplementing your DR capabilities, take advantage of these free resources:

A Guide to DR Planning

eBook: Data Protection 101

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