US Signal IT Solution Powers Healthcare Innovation

March 27, 2018
Cloud, Compliance, Healthcare

Healthcare Technology powered by US Signal

From virtual doctor visits to robot-assisted surgery, technology is spurring exciting developments in the healthcare industry. But sometimes the innovations that can have the most impact on patient outcomes aren’t the high tech, futuristic ones. Rather, they’re things like:

  • A special vest that acts like a harness to help prevent patient falls in hospital rooms.
  • A covering for IV pump lights so they don’t keep patients awake at night.
  • A bag that converts to an elevated surface so home health care nurses have a clear, clean surface to work on in patient’s homes.

These are just some of the innovative ideas developed by employees of the Community Health Network, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks in part to a healthcare IT solution developed by US Signal, these ideas and many others have a platform from which they can be explored for possible development and use at Community Health Network — and throughout the healthcare industry.

A Platform for Idea Gathering

Visionary Enterprises Inc. (VEI), a subsidiary of the nonprofit Community Health Network system, recognized that its staff — the physicians, nurses and others working at the frontlines of patient care — could be the source of ideas for transforming healthcare delivery.

VEI decided to develop a platform that would enable Community Health Network’s 12,000 employees, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs outside the organization, to easily submit their ideas for enhancing patient care delivery — any time and from anywhere.   

A software development company was hired to create the software and the web site that would serve as the portal for this “innovation incubator” — Community Launchpad. However, VEI also needed someone to create, manage and monitor the environment for hosting Community Launchpad. The environment would have to meet current objectives and be capable of adapting to future needs should the project prove successful. Because of the potential for protected health information to enter the system, HIPAA compliance was also a requirement.

The US Signal Solution

Fortunately for VEI, the software development firm that created the Community Launchpad program recommended a company it had successfully partnered with in the past to take on the challenge — US Signal. Today, the US Signal solution is enabling Community Launchpad to flourish and the innovative ideas to flow.

To learn more about the US Signal’s solution to power Community Launchpad and support VEI’s vision for its future, read the case study.