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Security in the Cloud (CBAS and CBAS+)

Not all firewalls are created equal! Using US Signal’s improved CBAS firewall or the brand new CBAS+ can help safeguard your company’s data while providing granular security controls designed to help meet your business needs.

What is CBAS and CBAS+?

CBAS stands for Cloud-Based Advanced Security while the plus sign in CBAS+ denotes a more robust security option for those in need of additional and enhanced security controls compared to that offered with CBAS.
All CBAS/CBAS+ security appliances are deployed as dedicated virtual machines running within US Signal’s Highly Available virtual cloud infrastructure. By running these appliances as virtual machines within the US Signal Cloud, it allows for greater integration flexibility with other network services purchased by customers.


In our latest release, we have increased the flexibility and strength of the CBAS offering by adding the following:

  • LDAP/AD (Active Directory) environment integration
  • Local logging and Syslog server export functionality
  • Site-to-site IPsec and client based VPN termination support


CBAS+ offers all of the features supplied with CBAS along with some feature enhancements and additions, but is deployed using an ICSA certified dedicated virtual appliance. CBAS+ includes:

  • LDAP/AD environment integration with username correlation logging
  • Granular application filtering
  • Additional intrusion protection rule sets
  • Anti-spam (for unencrypted email) capabilities that do not require email account setup


Both CBAS and CBAS+ now support multi-tenancy enablement. Through the supplied vShield Edge Gateway, you are able to create your own private, isolated networks. Multiple networks sharing the same Private IP space may be created behind the Edge Gateway. With multi-tenancy, you are able to manage multiple customers within a single Cloud Hosting environment using a single firewall and DIA port.

About the author

Derrin Rummelt

As Director of Cloud Engineering and Research & Development, Derrin Rummelt is responsible for the uptime, management, and growth of all Cloud based products within US Signal’s Cloud Hosting suite. He is also responsible for the deployment and implementation of new products as developed by US Signal’s Product Development team. Prior to joining Cloud Engineering, Derrin spent time as the Manager of Product Development for Cloud Hosting & Security and as the NOC Maintenance Manager at US Signal. Having been with US Signal for over 6 years, Derrin brings a comprehensive blend of network and cloud hosting expertise while successfully managing the deployment of multiple products and services.