US Signal Company, L.L.C. GDPR Statement

April 6, 2018
US Signal

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the existing 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (European Directive 95/46/EC).

US Signal Company, L.L.C. (US Signal) is committed to GDPR compliance across its relevant service offerings when the GDPR takes effect. US Signal’s Executive Security Team has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) that is leading US Signal’s GDPR compliance initiative.  The DPO has established an internal team made up of cross-functional stakeholders tasked with completing US Signal’s GDPR readiness. US Signal’s ongoing compliance efforts include: 


US Signal is reviewing where and how our relevant services, or use of certain vendors, collect, use, store and dispose of personal data subject to the GDPR compliance.  Where applicable, updates to policies, standards, governance and documentation, including contract terms, will be made prior to the GDPR taking effect.

Contractual Commitments

Working in conjunction with our suppliers, partners and customers, US Signal is reviewing our contractual commitments and updating those necessary terms to directly address the GDPR requirements. In the coming weeks, US Signal will release a Data Processing Addendum with provisions to assist our partners and customers with their GDPR compliance. US Signal is also reviewing its supplier contracts to ensure GDPR compliance, as needed, throughout its supply chain. 

Cross-Border Data Transfer

In addition to ensuring US Signal contractual commitments, policies, procedures and supplemental documentation meet the requirements to legally transfer data from the EU to the United States under applicable law, US Signal plans to certify itself under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework.

Employee Training and Awareness

All US Signal employees must complete data privacy and security training. US Signal will supplement existing training modules with GDPR-specific content. In addition to these training requirements, US Signal conducts ongoing awareness initiatives on a variety of topics, including data protection, security and privacy.

US Signal Partners and Customers 

Compliance with the GDPR requires a partnership between US Signal and our partners and customers in their use of applicable US Signal services. In this context, US Signal generally will act as a data Processor, as defined by the GDPR, and our partners and customers generally will act as the data Controllers. Working together, we hope to engage in opportunities within our relevant service offerings to assist our partners and customers meet their GDPR obligations.

It is important that any partner or customer subject to GDPR compliance utilizing US Signal as its Processor contact US Signal soon to start the discussions on each party’s obligations under GDPR.  There is no planned extension of the May 25th deadline. To contact US Signal, please email [email protected]

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