Distribute and control incoming requests to servers and systems within your US Signal cloud. Cloud Load Balancer acts as a reverse proxy to control which servers and server systems incoming requests are sent to. By using the Cloud Load Balancer, you are in control of how fault tolerant your applications and systems are as well as the distribution of resource load across them. You can also use the Cloud Load balancer to direct and distribute traffic across US Signal Cloud Hosting data center environments and any other system(s) reachable by Private IP.


  • Uses VMware’s vShield Edge Gateway integrated with your vCloud Director portal
  • Supports Server System, URL, and other Health Check configuration
  • Layer 4 (TCP) and Layer 7 (HTTP/S) Balancing
  • Hosted in a Dedicated logical network security contexts


  • US Signal doesn’t meter any data in or out of your Cloud Load Balancer so you can use it as you please without added expense for the amount of data used
  • High Availability is provisioned by default with Cloud Load Balancer to provide fault tolerance in the event of blade failure
  • Control and direct incoming Cloud Load Balancer traffic to any reachable private IP
  • Allows you to control the amount of fault tolerance desired for your applications and systems by adding servers and editing balancing criteria as needed
  • Seamless integration with US Signal’s private WAN services

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