Bad things happen to good companies. But with Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) from US Signal, your business stays in business. Continuously replicating your primary server environment’s data, applications and operating systems to a diverse, secure virtual data center, you can access a fully replicated instance of your protected environment immediately. And stay prepared with a customized Disaster Recovery playbook that is fully tested, validated and maintained.

Features Benefits

Enterprise-level recovery site hosted in the US Signal cloud

Receive full Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and vCloud support

Migrate workloads to a remote data center

Simplify with hypervisor-based implementation; no guest agent required

Replicate to/from your environment to the US Signal cloud (Ground-to-Cloud) or between two US Signal virtual data centers (Cloud-to-Cloud)

Deliver consistent protection across your company with the ability to support multiple sites

Group VMs and virtual disks into protection groups to provide simultaneous turn-up of dependent systems

Protect single or multiple virtual machines

Built-in WAN compression for efficient data transfer

Reduce application performance impact to zero by eliminating snapshots

Failover to your recovery site immediately with the click of a button

Achieve an RPO of as little as a few seconds with true Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Point-in-time recovery; journal-based storage up to 5 days of recover points

Recover applications instantly and automatically, providing an RTO of minutes

Reverse replication to source site during failover for data synchronization

Gain peace of mind with an RTO SLA guarantee

Automated failover testing without impacting the production environment


Coordinated recovery testing (2 sessions free per year)

Optional offsite backups can add up to 1 year of additional retention