Tired of putting in so many hours and PO requests in an effort to keep your network secure? US Signal Cloud-Based Advanced Security (CBAS) offers a multi-tenancy enhancement that alleviates the burden on IT security resources, providing customers of all sizes carrier-grade network protection in a safe, secure cloud networking environment.

Features Benefits

Uses a security appliance installed on a dedicated virtual machine within the US Signal Cloud

Continuous, automatic anti-malware security updates keep networks up to date with the most robust security protocols 

Available in conjunction with MPLS, VES Wide Area Networks and US Signal’s Cloud Hosting environment

Seamlessly integrate with US Signal data services using this network-based service

LDAP/AD (Active Directory) environment integration

Save bandwidth and increase performance when the solution works as a proxy caching server

Local logging and Syslog server export functionality

Prevent the download of known malware via unencrypted email or the Internet 

Intrusion protection service

Increase security by using as web proxy to filter content from the Internet, provide strict rules-based access control, Active Directory integration and many more security features

Content filtering service

Create additional private networks that exist only within the Cloud Hosting environment via a multi-tenancy enhancement 

Anti-virus services


Anti-spam services


Site-to-site IPsec and client-based VPN termination support

IP source/destination-based bandwidth management