Create a secure perimeter into your cloud for quiet, in the background protection. This stateful firewall in a multi-tenant security appliance within the US Signal Cloud inherently optimizes traffic and keeps malicious traffic out of your private network, freeing up your bandwidth. US Signal provisions and monitors the solution that provides quiet, in-the-background protection to create a secure perimeter into your cloud.

Features Benefits

Carrier grade, multi-tenant security appliance

Keep your entire private network/WAN clean and secure with this edge-based solution

Discrete customer-security contexts

Avoid the initial and recurring costs of purchasing and maintaining an on-site security appliance 

Stateful Firewall, with IPsec, NAT and PAT

Free up scarce bandwidth for high-priority traffic 

Cisco ASR 1002 attached to US Signal core routers

Increase security with packets that are grounded and inspected as a whole to dramatically reduce packet hijacking or spoofing

Scalable services embedded in the Cisco quantum flow processor at wire speeds from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps

Seamlessly integrate with US Signal network services

  Selectively lock down or open up both incoming and outgoing TCP and UDP ports