Want the ability to provide Cloud Services to multiple customers with a single firewall? US Signal offers a multi-tenancy enhancement for CBAS and CBAS+ which allows you to sub-divide Cloud Hosting compute environments into multiple private networks. These networks exist only within the Cloud Hosting environment and can only communicate with each other if specifically configured to do so. This functionality is perfect for wholesale customers or those with a similar business model that provide services to multiple end users by allowing the division and management of each private customer network through the use of a single firewall and Internet port.

Features Benefits

Uses VMware’s vShield Edge Gateway integrated with your vCloud Director portal

Allows management and segregation of multiple end user customers through a single firewall and Internet port

Customer controlled creation of private networks inside US Signal Resource Pools

High Availability is provisioned by default with multi-tenancy enhancement to provide fault tolerance in the event of blade failure

Customer controlled firewall rules and NAT/PAT statements between private networks

Virtual Machines residing within private networks can be accessible via the Internet if desired