Sometimes you just want to be by yourself or do it yourself.

US Signal makes both options available. With US Signal’s Hosted Private Cloud you get a secure, single-tenant environment with dedicated compute and storage resources hosted in a US Signal data center. Or, purchase a US Signal blade server that is connected to a Storage Area Network (SAN) within a US Signal data
center to create your own private cloud, hybrid cloud, or
disaster recovery site. 

Hosted Private Cloud

Receive dedicated compute and storage resources ensuring you know where your data is, that it is physically separated from everyone else’s and that it is directly connected to the most robust fiber-optic network in the Midwest.

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Dedicated Blade Servers

Purchase a Dedicated Blade Server and pay a low monthly fee to enjoy world-class security. Connect your server to Storage Area Networks (SANs) within the virtual data center and select options for high-speed and mid-tier storage. 

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