Whether you’re looking to leverage a Dedicated Blade Server to create a hybrid cloud of your own, use it for disaster recovery, or merely an alternate site for your existing private cloud – we’ve got you covered. Purchase your blade server from US Signal and pay a low monthly fee to enjoy world-class security. And connect your server to Storage Area Networks (SAN) within the virtual data center and have options for high-speed and mid-tier storage. 

Features Benefits

Cisco UCS Blades

Implement as an ideal option for large-scale disaster-recovery solutions

Two 8 core Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series processors

Rely on unparalleled security for data transport and storage 

2.70GHz and 20Mb of Cache

Consider as a smart alternative to traditional colocation

192 GB of DDR3 memory

Benefit from the ability to manage your own hypervisor, software and licensing

SATA or Fibre channel connection to storage area networks

Seamlessly integrate your WAN

Multiple secure-access methods

Avoid costly upkeep and repairs

Industry-leading 4-Hour MTTR

Build redundancy by purchasing multiple blades from multiple US Signal data centers

40Gb carrier-grade layer 3-protected upstream connectivity

Gain peace of mind with the security of a carrier-grade colocation facility with redundant HVAC, power and cooling

Dedicated logical network security contexts


1.8 Tb of Redundant Cut Thru Ethernet Switching Fabric