Sometimes it’s okay to be a control freak. Maintain data privacy with Hosted Private Cloud (HPC) from US Signal. Dedicated compute and storage resources ensure you know where your data is, that it is physically separated from everyone else’s and that it is directly connected to the most robust fiber-optic network in the Midwest. Take control with vCenter access to your vSphere environment and keep the lawyers at bay by using HPC as an integral component of your compliance plan.

Features Benefits

Dedicated Compute: Intel multi-core processors in 7.2GHz, 12GHz, and 33.6 GHz increments

Select from local or regional compute and data storage

Dedicated Memory: RDIMM in 12GB, 24GB, 48GB and 96GB increments

Gain peace of mind knowing your data is housed in a US Signal data center equipped with an emergency generator, redundant HVAC and monitored secure physical access

Dedicated Storage: 10K or 15K (RPM) SAS SAN arrays with self-encrypting drives, or a SSD/SAS hybrid array with auto-tiering

Use the hypervisor for direct, remote access to the HPC environment


Employ third-party software for replication or backup if desired 


Satisfy HIPAA requirements for security, logging and physical retrieval of data-storage media