Beside the people who rely on it, nothing is more critical to your business than its data. With BaaS, you back up your data from any physical or virtual infrastructure, or Windows workstation, to the US Signal Cloud. So you can access it any time, from anywhere. That means no matter what happens to your building or technology, your data is sitting pretty – and so is your business.

Features Benefits

Support for physical and virtual servers and Windows workstations

Schedule backups to fit your organization’s requirements

Agent-based client option; compatible with all leading hypervisors

Restore backups to a virtual or physical environment, giving you the ultimate flexibility

Agentless client option for VMware and Hyper-V users

Restore your data anywhere you have an Internet connection, including the US Signal Cloud

Supports all major Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Quickly and easily locate specific backups or files as they are indexed and cataloged

Electable AES 256 encryption (in transit and at rest) to create protection from unauthorized access


Bandwidth throttling conserves critical bandwidth consumption 


Data is automatically compressed, reducing the time and space needed to complete backups


Web-based interface provides a single pane of glass to manage all machine backup plans


Object-based storage infrastructure leveraging erasure coding for optimal redundancy


Optional local and network storage backups to complement cloud backup


Optional initial backup seeding with data change detection


Optional Managed Backup - managed service includes agent installations and changes, job monitoring, remediation of backup failures, and system/file restores to source