Enterprise Replication

Enterprise Replication

Replicate on-premises data to a US Signal Cloud-hosted secure native target, and pay only for what you use in your target storage after deduplication. Replication endpoints are securely accessible from the Internet, and all replication traffic is protected by SSL encryption. Restorations are supported by the US Signal team, and US Signal monitors and maintains the replicated cloud target storage appliance. 

The Enterprise Replication SLA covers storage infrastructure availability of 99.5% and support response of two hours from the time a restore request is received.


  • Native replication software built into the Data Domain Operating System (DDOS) to provide replication from the source Data Domain to the US Signal-hosted Data Domain
  • Accommodates off-site copies of Data Domain MTrees and diverse copies of US Signal backup files and meta data
  • Reduces the amount of data transmitted over the network by replicating only changed blocks
  • Disk encryption at rest on the cloud target system
  • Supports multiple source Data Domain operating system versions
  • Supports Managed File Replication (MFR) if the Data Domain system is integrated with EMC Avamar
  • Pricing based on true usage after deduplication
  • Designed to meet HIPAA and PCI requirements

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