Cloud Migration Strategies

When: April 10, 2019 2:00PM – 3:00PM

Portrait of cloud migration webinar speaker, Pat Cannon

One cloud doesn’t fit all! In this webinar, Pat Cannon will explore a flexible architecture designed to get the best from all “clouds.” Join us to learn where to begin. From understanding your current infrastructure, to vendor due-diligence, Pat will provide you with essential planning tools to develop and implement a successful migration strategy.

About the Webinar Presenter

Pat Cannon, Vice President of Technical Sales at US Signal

Pat Cannon is currently the Vice President of Technical Sales at US Signal and brings over 15 years of IT Consulting and Leadership experience to the US Signal team. A seasoned professional, Pat has extensive experience architecting scalable, secure and resilient solutions for customers within a wide variety of industries. Pat’s experience as an IT consultant allows him to look at business objectives and technology options producing solutions that have a meaningful impact for customer operation.

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