Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Remote Work & Security

When: January 28, 2021 3:30PM ET – 5:00PM ET
Location: Online
Beers with Engineers Meetup

As the transition to remote work commenced, one big question arose - how can business be kept running smoothly? New remote workers also introduced new vulnerabilities, not only because of new devices and networks accessing company data, but also because of increasing threats. Phishing attacks have skyrocketed with a 350 percent increase since the beginning of the year.

Our panel will share their own challenges, successes, and lessons learned related to:

  • Lack of proof of business continuity planning
  • Existing network structure and capacity strain
  • Handling remote work vulnerabilities, compliance and security requirements
  • Interruptions to normal Administrative and IT Operations programs

Meet our panelists:

  • Nick Defoe, Director of Information Security at US Signal
  • Jim Schuyler, Solution Architect at US Signal
  • Pat Cannon, Vice President of Technical Sales
  • Tom Drez, CIO/CPO/CSO/Managing Director CIPP at Christian Brothers Services
  • Michael Cansler, IT Infrastructure Engineer at Mepco