Technology Executives Club - Cybersecurity & Risk Management for the Digital Enterprise Summit: 2019

When: February 28, 2019 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Location: Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Conway Park 1905 W. Field Court, Lake Forest, IL 60045

Key Strategies for Managing Privacy, Compliance and Breach - Plus Explore the Latest in CyberSecurity Technologies

The shift to the digital enterprise increases risk. Not just another CISO event, this Summit is geared towards CIOs, and Senior Technology, Innovation & Digital executives who want a strategic overview of both the risks and frameworks necessary to protect their organization while they drive change.

For our 2019 Summit, we’ll explore key strategies in three key areas:

  • Privacy: Managing Privacy in an era of increasing compliance has become a high priority. From GDPR to the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), increasing regulations demand the need to include managing privacy in your strategies. 
  • Data Breach: In today’s world, you must guard against breach, but be prepared for what to do when it happens. Learn key strategies you must deploy if the worst happens. 
  • CyberSecurity Technology: Learn about some of the newest and most effective cybersecurity technologies, ranging from A-I, to security for IOT and more.

Trevor Bidle, Information Security & Compliance Officer at US Signal, will be one of the speakers for the summit. Come back to learn more on what subject he will be speaking on.

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