With the healthcare industry undergoing seismic-like changes, IT professionals are struggling to keep pace. Emerging medical technologies demand more robust, agile platforms. Government mandates and changing regulations require the implementation of increasingly rigorous IT privacy controls and security policies. Mergers and acquisitions among healthcare organizations necessitate a consolidation of disparate IT environments. All the while IT professionals must contend with the same issues as their counterparts in other industries, from increasingly frequent cyber threats to in-house staff skills gaps. US Signal offers IT solutions for healthcare organizations to make the job easier.

A Few Ways US Signal Supports the Healthcare Industry:

  • HIPAA-compliant data centers and cloud infrastructure; signed Business Associate Agreements (BAA) available.
  • Hybrid IT solutions for healthcare organizations that leverage emerging technologies as well as legacy systems.
  • SLA-backed 100% uptime to support mission-critical applications.
  • Solution architects with frontline healthcare experience on both the client and service provider sides.
  • Full range of cost-effective professional and managed IT services.
  • Storage and backup options to meet patient record retention requirements.
  • Single source provider for network, cloud, colocation and data protection services to simplify vendor management.
  • IT service portfolio review and development to optimize IT resources and better meet business goals.

A Healthy Perspective

US Signal understands the IT needs of the healthcare industry and offers strategies and solutions to meet even the most complex of them. That includes cost-effective, managed disaster recovery solutions and robust cloud services to power EHR implementations, Big Data analyses, and new care delivery models. US Signal can also take on your special projects like workload migration to HIPAA-compliant cloud environments to boost performance, reduce costs, and meet regulatory requirements.

US Signal’s ability to customize IT solutions, its industry experience, and its investment in HIPAA-compliant, audited IT infrastructure are among the factors that uniquely position it as the ideal partner to help healthcare IT professionals like you manage and implement the technology that is transforming the healthcare industry.

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