Automation. Robotics. Big Data. 3D printing. Artificial Intelligence. Smart Machines. Fast-changing customer expectations. They are among the many factors transforming the manufacturing industry. These trends and technologies are also putting pressure on manufacturing companies to rethink their processes and leverage new technologies and data insights to maintain a competitive edge. US Signal's IT solutions for manufacturing can both support and drive those efforts with robust network services, hybrid IT solutions, cost-effective data protection, and more.

US Signal Serves the Manufacturing Industry with:

  • Customized IT solutions for manufacturing that ensure future agility, support, and scalability for growth.
  • Hybrid IT strategies that draw from a portfolio of secure, reliable cloud, colocation, network, and data protection services -- backed by SLAs and complemented by specialized IT service.
  • Disaster recovery solutions that meet stringent RPO/RTO requirements.
  • A broad range of flexible, robust network services to support connectivity and collaboration.
  • 24/7/365 technical support with calls typically answered within 30 seconds.
  • Audit-ready data centers and cloud infrastructure.
  • Managed security and data protection services to help prevent cyber attacks, and protect intellectual property from internal and external threats.
  • Extensive experience with customers across the manufacturing industry, including in process manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and supply chain management.

Produce Better Results

Partner with US Signal and transform your IT infrastructure and service portfolio to improve operations and take advantage of disruptive technologies. Drawing from  robust, reliable cloud, colocation, network, and data protection services, the US Signal team can customize  solutions to meet your company's specific requirements, whether you want to shifts from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, optimize the high-availability applications that control manufacturing processes, implement a fail-safe discovery recovery plan, all of the above or something different entirely.

Equally important, US Signal can help ensure your IT resources are aligned with your organization’s short- and long-term priorities.  It's a strategy to keep your organization to stay one step ahead in an increasingly complex, fast-changing industry.

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