Pine Rest Receives a Customized IT Infrastructure Case Study

December 1, 2023
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US Signal's multi-component, hybrid IT solution is designed to meet Pine Rest's need for a robust, secure infrastructure for its EHR system; ensure its availability and that of its other mission-critical application in the event of a disaster, and help the organization prepare for launching more advanced, IT-dependent care solutions.

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Executive Summary

Customer: Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Industry: Multi-site Behavior Health Care Organization

Location: Iowa and Michigan

Business Challenge:

  • Engage with a partner that could assist with the implementation and adoption of a new EHR platform
  • Develop and implement customized IT infrastructure to host new EHR system in a tight timeframe
  • Evolve IT service portfolio to accommodate future needs for telemedicine
  • Establish a disaster recovery plan

US Signal Solution:

  • Hosted Private Cloud for EHR application
  • Enterprise Cloud for mission-critical applications
  • Managed Security
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Network Services
  • Professional Services

Business Results:

  • Less than 15-minute RTO
  • Assurance of downtime mitigation and mission-critical app availability to support continuous care delivery and reduce potential productivity losses
  • Robust, agile IT infrastructure to support future telehealth initiatives
  • Hosted and protected EHR system
  • Freed up internal IT resources to focus on other initiatives and day-to-day operations

Read the full case study.