US Signal Mitigates DDoS Attack on Financial Institution

October 8, 2019
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The Proof is in the Action

A financial services company was in discussion with US Signal regarding its website and application security service. But when a cyber-attack occurred and US Signal leaped into action, the company knew that partnering with US Signal was the right thing to do.

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Executive Summary

Business Challenges

  • Frequent cyber-attacks interrupting business, including customer access to online portal
  • Need for accelerated solution implementation
  • Meet compliance requirements for PCI and GDPR

Solution Highlights

  • Website and Application Security, including:
    • Multi-layer DDoS mitigation
    • A continuously updated, preconfigured firewall that filters known malicious traffic sources
    • A web application firewall (WAF) for advanced website and application filtering protection
    • Simplified SSL management
    • Advanced analytics reporting

Selected Results

  • Normal two-week implementation completed in less than three hours to handle emergency situation
  • DDoS attack mitigation in effect within 15 minutes of cutover, allowing normal customer services to resume
  • 99 percent of malicious access attempts challenged and blocked
  • Additional attack thwarted without customer being aware the attack even occurred

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