Data Center Service Level Agreements

US Signal stands behind its products and provides industry leading Service Level Agreements.  Our Service Level Agreements provide you with peace of mind knowing your infrastructure can support your network and applications.

Electrical Power with UPS Availability 99.995%

Environmental Control 99.995%

Technical Standards of Performance

1. Electrical Power (UPS only)
Electrical Power will be supplied by an outside utility vendor.  Customer may elect to purchase an optional Uninterruptable Power Supply feed for continuous power during the time it takes the US Signal provided backup generator to automatically transfer the power load.  

2. Environmental Control
The Data Center will be equipped with HVAC equipment, which shall include multi-ton cooling units in an N+1 configuration.  Any customer equipment placed within the Data Center Space must follow the hot aisle/cold aisle layout as directed by US Signal.  The Premise shall also contain a clean agent fire suppression system that shall monitor any hazards to the Premise, including excessive heat and airborne particles.

3. Remote Hands
US Signal shall respond to a customer’s request for Remote Hands within thirty (30) minutes of a US Signal Network Operations Center representative receiving the Customer’s initial call.  Any Remote Hands Service request to any other US Signal representative (i.e. Sales Manager) shall not be subject to the Response Time Interval.

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