Customer Experience

Partnering with a new IT solutions provider can be nerve-wracking. Will it deliver on its promises? Will it be flexible in working with you if your requirements change? At US Signal, we make the process of becoming a US Signal customer easy and transparent. The goal is to minimize disruptions to your operations — and give you peace of mind. Here’s a general overview of what you can expect.

1. Strategy and Consultation

Your customer experience starts with the US Signal team asking questions and listening to the answers. If appropriate, a review of your IT strategy and service portfolio will be conducted. This enables the team to gain insight into your organization’s short- and long-term business goals, requirements, and pain points.

The idea isn't to simply sell you a product or service. US Signal wants to work with you to develop a strategy that positions your IT resources as valuable business assets that can transform your organization and drive innovation.

2. Design and Architecture

Next up, US Signal’s solution architects, product specialists, cloud engineers, and professional services team work together to develop a solution best suited to your needs. Flexibility and scalability are key considerations. Rightsizing recommendations are included to help optimize resource usage. An abundance of successful reference architectures, the ability to customize solutions, and the team’s extensive experience enables them to work quickly and confidently.

3. Solution Review

Your solution is then presented to you for review. Your US Signal team will discuss how it works, the advantages it offers, any relevant options, and more. Interactive dialogue is welcomed. If it doesn’t feel right, the team will make the necessary adjustments.

4. Project Kickoff and Management

After you’ve reviewed and signed off on the pertinent documents, a kickoff meeting will be held. You’ll meet your dedicated project manager who will see your solution implementation through to the end. A project plan will be provided that identifies required tasks, key dates, who is responsible for what, and other important information.

5. Onboarding and Migration

It’s show time. How your US Signal solution is provisioned will depend on what it is, but you’ll be provided with all the details of what’s entailed. If you’ll be migrating data to US Signal, your US Signal team will work with you to determine the appropriate migration methodology. Your US Signal project manager will continue to keep you apprised of how things are going.  Frequent status meetings provide a good venue for discussing and mitigating any issues.

6. Testing and Follow-up

Once all the tasks in the project plan are complete and any required testing done, US Signal turns your environment over to you. But just because things are up and running doesn’t mean you’re on your own. Periodic reviews will be conducted to make sure things are still on track. If your needs change, US will determine if you might benefit from different or additional services.  And, if you need anything or encounter a problem, US Signal’s Technical Operations Center (TOC) is just a phone call away. The TOC operates 24/7/365. Calls are typically answered within 30 seconds by professionals trained to handle just about any issue.

Your Satisfaction Matters

As a US Signal customer, your satisfaction is how we measure our success. For additional insight into the customer experience at US Signal, view our case studies and blog.

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