Bringing a little Silicon Valley into the Heartland.

US Signal’s fully deployed, 14,000-mile network is guaranteed to deliver resiliency, flexibility and scalability. It’s the most robust network of its kind in the Midwest, and serves as the backbone for a full suite of colocation, security and computing services. This includes both HIPAA Compliant Cloud-based and Network-based solutions, and is relied upon by everyone from entrepreneurial individuals and startups to Fortune 500 level companies.

All US Signal services are supported by a team of IT specialists and network engineers that provide around-the-clock surveillance, security and most importantly, confidence. This ensures the highest quality performance and dependable issue resolution to protect profitability and vital customer relationships. With industry-leading availability and customer retention rates, the numbers prove that US Signal is responsive, proactive, and truly cares about clients and their data. And this leads to the biggest benefits of all: customers who sleep a little easier at night, knowing that their network and IT infrastructure are in good hands.

US Signal's NOC staff and provisioning staff showed unbelieveable flexibility and agility in accomodating our needs for making such a swift move into the Cloud, and they lived up to all of the commitments that were made.

Tim Johnson,