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Things happen, often at the most inconvenient times. Equipment failure. Latency problems. A power outage due to a fire or storm. An unexpected traffic surge on a website. A DDoS attack. The deletion of important data due to an employee's unauthorized access to it. Unexpected glitches and "gotchas". Whatever the problem and whenever it occurs, the US Signal Technical Operation Center (TOC) is here for you at 888.663.1700.

The TOC operates 24/7/365 and calls are typically answered within 30 seconds. There's no putting you on hold or passing you off to a series of other technicians. The professionals who answer the TOC line are trained to handle just about any IT issue that could arise.

In addition, the TOC provides around-the-clock monitoring of US Signal's network, data centers, and infrastructure 24/7. At US Signal, we believe the best way to deal with IT problems is to prevent them in the first place. For more information about the TOC, see our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

When I contact the TOC how long will I have to wait to speak to a technician?
The average time to answer when contacting the US Signal TOC is 30 seconds.  

Once I report my issue and have a trouble ticket number, when should I expect a follow-up response?
You should receive a status update from the US Signal TOC at least once every hour until your issue is resolved.

Will the US Signal TOC work with my vendor?
Yes. US Signal can help you determine whether the trouble is within your environment. If necessary, we will engage and work with your vendor to ensure prompt resolution.

What is a “HRN” notification?
A High-Risk Notification (HRN) informs you that US Signal will be performing network maintenance that will affect your service.  

How much notice does an HRN provide?
By industry standard, network maintenance occurs between midnight and 6:00 AM. Typical notice is based on the level of the service interruption, but most service impacting maintenance is announced 10 calendar days in advance.

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