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Get Ready to Weather the Storm

In two months, it will be summer. But in some parts of the country — including here in US Signal’s home state of Michigan — it’s not out of the realm of possibility for there to be yet one more snowfall. That makes it difficult to think about tornados, but some experts believe that 2017 could match both 2008 and 2011 as one of the most active tornado seasons in recent history.

The Workload Factor in Hybrid IT

If there’s one primary reason why hybrid IT has increasingly become the preferred IT strategy for organizations it’s this: application workloads. Workloads are typically considered platform agnostic, but not all perform equally well in every environment. In fact, some don’t perform at all in specific environments.

When Bigger Isn’t Better: The Case for US Signal

Ask someone in the IT industry to name a cloud services provider (CSP). Chances are the answer will be Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, Microsoft Azure or Google. They’re the big names out there in large part because of longevity, business volume, and good public relations.  

But, bigger isn’t always better. Depending on your business needs, a company like US Signal, which is geared toward serving mid-market companies, may be the better choice. The following helps explain why.

Make the Case for the Cloud with Hybrid IT

​For all its benefits, the cloud isn’t free, and cloud migration isn’t a simple task. For many organizations, a “let’s move it all now” strategy may not even be advisable. There are legacy systems to consider. Recent investments in hardware. Maybe even compliance requirements.

What may make sense, instead, is hybrid IT— a mix of on-premise and off-premise IT environments.

Beyond Disaster Recovery: Think IT Resiliency

Between the educational resources provided by IT services vendors, pushes by government agencies, and the media’s reporting on the negative effects of manmade and natural disasters on some of the most well-known companies, there’s been almost a full-court press to get companies to make DR planning a priority. 

White Glove Treatment: It’s Business as Usual at US Signal

There are many business and tech blogs and articles on the topic of “words not to use” — those cringe-inducing, over-used industry buzzwords. Many of them are often not reflective of what the company using them does or delivers. That’s the case with “white glove treatment.” It’s a phrase you probably hear a lot from IT service providers.

Upcoming Summit Offers Actionable IT Security Strategies for IT Executives

​On February 23, the Technology Executives Club®, a leadership community for executives committed to driving corporate growth through technology innovation, hosts the Cyber Security & Risk Management for CIOs and Technology Leaders Summit – 2017 in Chicago. Billed as “not just another CISO event,” the event promises to provide actionable, practical IT security strategies and frameworks for CIOs and senior technology executives.

Keep It Private: The Case for a Hosted Private Cloud

While security fears remain among the leading obstacles to cloud adoption, the regulatory and governance requirements specific to many industries also play a role. After all, the failure of a company’s IT infrastructure to comply with those requirements could put it at risk for costly penalties and fines, as well as do irreparable damage to its brand and reputation. 

How to Move from Compliance to Data Security

Given the stringent IT security controls associated with many regulatory requirements and industry standards, you’d think that compliance with those requirements and standards would signify that an organization is operating a highly secure IT environment and its data is well protected.  In some cases, that’s true…but not always.