Managed information technology (IT) security services from US Signal help strengthen protection across your entire network without increasing your internal team's workload. These services leverage years of IT security knowledge with industry best practices to protect your unique operation against risks, threats and potential damage. Unlike off-the-shelf options with limited capabilities, our services provide a comprehensive range of solutions backed by 24/7 customer support.

Types of Managed IT Security Services We Offer

US Signal uses industry-leading processes and technologies to detect vulnerabilities before they occur while maintaining compliance for your application. Our team has decades of combined experience across various operating platforms and environments, providing you with world-class expertise while enabling you to free up your internal staff for more critical tasks.

Examples of the types of managed IT security services we offer include:

  • Advanced email security: Powered by Acronis and Perception Point, our advanced email security services use advanced threat intelligence and multiple scanning engines to prevent threats proactively.
  • Managed firewall: US Signal's managed firewall solution delivers comprehensive protection throughout your network, from the hardware inside your facilities to your mobile devices to your remote workforce.
  • Website and application security: Website and application security service from US Signal strengthens your defense by protecting against various internet-based threats like content scraping, structured query language (SQL) injection attacks and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Managed detection response: Our managed detection response (MDR) services prevent and resolve security issues for all your endpoints, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices and servers.
  • Managed XDR: Our managed extended detection and response (XDR) service monitors, detects and responds to security issues across your expanded operating environment, including servers, networks and cloud platforms.
  • Patch management: US Signal's patch management services use manual and automated installations for Windows operating systems and various third-party applications.

In addition, our professional services team offers expert consulting on various security-centric solutions, from program assessments to advanced troubleshooting to virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) services.


Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements for security with industry-leading technologies

Detect and Prevent

Detect and Prevent

Employ proactive methods to detect vulnerabilities and issues before they cause damage

Trust the Experts

Trust the Experts

Free up resources while leveraging leading-edge security technologies, tools and expertise

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

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Managed Email Security

Leverage leading-edge technologies and threat intelligence to immediately block even the most sophisticated email-based cyberattacks.

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Managed Firewall Services

Block malicious traffic, malware, and unwanted content with a next-generation firewall installed and managed by US Signal.

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Website and Application Security

Protect against DNS-based volumetric and multi-vector DDoS attacks for on-premise, colocated, and cloud-hosted environments.

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Managed Detection and Response Services

US Signal’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) uses machine learning and endpoint threat detection and response tools to provide maximum protection across all endpoints.

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Managed Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Extend protection beyond endpoints for a more comprehensive approach to threat detection and response.

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Patch Management

Ensure timely patch management that fits your needs with US Signal’s patch management service.

Both manual and automated installation are available, based on policies defined and created between you and the US Signal Professional Services team during the onboarding process.

Patch management is offered for Windows OS and a wide variety of third-party applications from companies such as Adobe, Apple, Google, Mozilla, Opera, Skype and Sun.

Complete details are available from your US Signal representative or by contacting us:

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IT Security Consulting Services

Leverage US Signal’s expertise to assess and build out your security program, including policies, procedures and technologies.

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Discover More With US Signal

If you want to discover how managed IT security services from US Signal can benefit your operation, our experts can guide you. Whether you need to increase your current protection levels, meet budget demands or address new compliance challenges, we can help you choose an ideal solution that meets your requirements. Connect with us online or call 866-274-4625 today.