Take advantage of enterprise-grade performance, security and reliability — all in a cost-effective secure cloud service.

US Signal's secure enterprise cloud solutions are available 24/7 to meet your organization's most challenging needs. As an industry-leading cloud service provider (CSP), we own and operate our carrier-grade network designed with redundant architecture and Cisco® technologies to ensure maximum security and network speed.

Besides complying with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and payment card industry (PCI) standards, our business cloud hosting solutions are customizable and fully scalable to help your organization grow through increased productivity.

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30-day cloud test drive for flexible or dedicated resource pools.




Connect directly to US Signal's fiber network and decrease latency while increasing reliability.

Reduce CapEx

Reduce CapEx

Consume cloud resources as needed rather than investing in the infrastructure to deliver them.



Reap the benefits of cloud solutions designed to your specific requirements and budget.

Managed Cloud Hosting Services

US Signal's resource pools are among the market's most versatile and flexible cloud hosting solutions, offering storage, memory, and computing resources that best fit your organization's needs. These resource pools feature industry-best security backed by our comprehensive protected network with shielded firewalls that restrict data access.

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Private Cloud Hosting Services

Our hosted private cloud solutions deliver a private infrastructure managed by our experts, allowing your IT professionals to focus on the core tasks that matter most. We combine state-of-the-art storage resources with VMware® technology to provide fully isolated environments that can handle your organization's most critical workloads.

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Partnership Opportunities With US Signal

US Signal offers partnership opportunities for IT vendors that want to grow their service and product offerings without investing in infrastructure or product development. Through our white-label reseller and premier partner programs, organizations can expand into new markets and gain new customers while increasing profitability and strengthening their brands. Our experts can work with you to develop effective market strategies while providing top-class product support.

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US Signal has been an industry leader and innovator since 2001. We're committed to maintaining long-term relationships with each of our clients by offering the industry's most technologically advanced products backed by superior customer service. Connect with us online today to learn more about how our cloud services and other product offerings can benefit your organization.