Why should you partner with US Signal?

Increase your margins by offering Fully Managed Cloud Desktops, Hosted Servers, and Applications with no additional investment in staff or infrastructure.

Get back time by leveraging US Signal’s Solution Architects and Cloud Engineers teams.

Reduce your cybersecurity risk by deploying our security solutions, including air-gapped replication to geo-diverse data centers. All supported by our 24/7/365 Technical and Security Operation Centers.

It’s all possible when you partner with US Signal and leverage our network-powered cloud infrastructure, data protection and security services, and our team of experts dedicated to YOUR success.



US Signal Partner Program

US Signal offers two partnership models. Choose the one that works best for your organization:
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US Signal Wholesale Reseller

Wholesale US Signal cloud, data protection, security, network and colocation services while capitalizing on recurring revenue and wholesale discounts. You set the pricing, decide what kind of support to provide, and handle all customer billing. US Signal manages the back-end infrastructure, provides a dedicated team to assist you with go-to-market strategies, pre-sales design, and pricing, and provides 24/7/365 US-based support. Sell the services individually or integrate them with products and services in your portfolio to develop the solutions your customers need in today’s cybersecurity environment. It's a great way to expand your product offerings, stave off competition, increase customer loyalty, and strengthen your brand.

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US Signal Registered Agent Partner

Collaborate with US Signal to integrate our services into the solutions you offer to meet the needs of your existing customers, gain new customers, and boost your recurring revenue stream. US Signal will assist with customer engagement, work with you to develop the solution designed, manage the implementation, and handle billing. We'll also provide the service level agreements and 24/7/365 technical support. This enables you to focus on your core competencies and the unique value you bring to the customer relationship, while delivering comprehensive, in-demand IT solutions. Co-branded materials, a partner portal, sales training, and other resources are also available to help ensure success. The Registered Agent Program is ideal for any type of business that would like to leverage US Signal suite of service and our billing department to bill your client directly and collect monthly residual revenue.

Quick Facts

Why Partner with US Signal?
+ US Signal offers a broad range of Cloud, Colocation, and Network services for every industry.

+ Private Cloud Provider owning nine data centers in the safest US locations.

+ One of the largest ISPs in the country, owning a 9,500-mile fiber network connecting all nine data centers with Tier I ISPs, offering low national latency to our cloud services.

+ 100% Written SLA on Cloud Services.

+ Minimize cybersecurity risks by leveraging our security and data protection solutions.
Benefits of Wholesale Partners
+ Experience some of the highest margins in the industry.

+ Set your own prices, margins, and invoicing intervals.

+ Handle Level I support while US Signals handles Level II, III, and IV.

+ Build your brand and reputation by leveraging our team for pre-sales design and pricing to post-sales support.

+ Co-branded collateral, sales training, and go-to-market campaigns for webpages, email, social networking, and more.
Benefits of Registered Agent Partners
+ Experience some of the highest commissions in the industry.

+ Outsource all invoicing while collecting residual recurring revenue.

+ Outsource 100% of the support of the solutions delivered.

+ Build your brand and reputation by leveraging our team for pre-sales design and pricing to post-sales support.

+ Co-branded collateral, sales training, and go-to-market campaigns for webpages, email, social networking, and more.

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