Leverage the expertise of IT security professionals to improve your organization’s security posture.

Improve your organization's security posture by leveraging the expertise of US Signal's information technology (IT) security consultants. With our IT security and compliance experts on your side, your organization can make more informed cybersecurity risk management decisions. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your unique requirements, delivering the insights, recommended steps and implementation assistance you need to succeed.


Types of IT Cybersecurity Consulting Services We Offer

US Signal offers various risk assessment and data security services that can help boost your cybersecurity practices while improving your IT network's general security stance. Our consultants can help you identify the areas that need improvement and take the necessary steps for implementation. We specialize in the areas below:

Drive Actions with Insights

Drive Actions with Insights

Gain visibility into your existing IT security strategy to identify gaps and vulnerabilities so you can take actions that will deliver measurable results.

Tailor Your Security Approach

Tailor Your Security Approach

Build an IT security program that factors in business objectives, budget, industry, internal security policies, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Optimize Security Resources

Optimize Security Resources

Draw on best practices and insights to reduce security-related operating costs, improve efficiencies, and increase resource utilization for security operations.

Ransomware Protection Solutions for Businesses

The experts at US Signal have years of combined experience helping clients protect their networks from ransomware attacks and remediating them after they occur.

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Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services

US Signal offers vCISO services that range from overseeing the execution of daily security tasks to executive-level planning and guidance, including customized strategies and processes based on your organization's unique requirements.

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Our security operations center (SOC) consultants can help you replace or supplement your existing security efforts through services like these:

  • Daily log reviews
  • Vulnerability management program assistance
  • Incident and endpoint security platform management
  • Security information and event management (SIEM)
  • Firewall rule analysis
  • Payment card industry (PCI) segmentation scanning
  • Department procedure and playbook updates
  • Security platform implementation
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Policy and Procedure Development

Our security experts can help your organization develop or enhance security policies and procedures by:

  • Establishing long-term goals.
  • Defining your company's business and regulatory requirements
  • Reviewing your current resources and examining your organization's threat landscape.
  • Comparing gaps and deficiencies to best practices.
  • Developing practices and procedures to meet business objectives.
  • Recommending steps for implementation, training and updates.
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The consequences surrounding data loss and corruption can be devastating for any company, regardless of size or industry. US Signal works with businesses to provide consulting services that help establish the highest protection levels against cyber threats and attacks. Contact our team online today to learn more about how our services can benefit your organization.