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The US Signal Company L.L.C. (“US Signal”) Privacy Policy describes the way US Signal utilizes, protects and collects its Customer and users personal information.  The Privacy Policy applies to Customers who purchase US Signal services and users who use its website.

To address technology changes in US Signal’s practice and governmental regulations the Privacy Policy is subject to change and without notice.  US Signal encourages its Customers and users to check its website periodically for any changes or revisions to the Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy was last updated January 17, 2018.

General Collection and Use of Information

US Signal may collect different types of information on its Customers and users based upon its business relationship with the Customer or user of its website.

US Signal collects information through the following means:

  1. Information a user supplies US Signal by submitting personal information through the use of its website
  2. Information a Customer or potential customer supplies US Signal when requesting or purchasing service through US Signal
  3. Third Parties such as a credit agency in which Customer supplies US Signal its written approval to gain such information.

US Signal uses the information to:

  1. Provide its Customers with a positive experience
  2. Address Customer needs when purchasing and using its services
  3. Communicate with Customers regarding service updates and offers
  4. Address any network and security issues
  5. Investigate, prevent or take action against any violation of its Acceptable Use Policy
  6. Determine a potential customer’s needs and contact said individual regarding product offerings
  7. Respond to website requests and inquires

Information Protection and Security

  1. US Signal does NOT sell Customer or users’ personal information to third parties. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. US Signal protects its website with security controls to protect Customer and user information when stored or transmitted by US Signal.
  3. US Signal uses best practices to ensure the integrity and privacy of any information collected from Customers or users.
  4. Any US Signal applications or websites that require a Customer or user to log in are delivered over Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) connections.
  5. Requires all third parties acting on behalf of US Signal to protect Customer or user information consistent with this Policy.

Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”)

CPNI is information that is available to US Signal due to its business relationship with a Customer.  This information includes quantity, location, type of service ordered, amount of service used and billing information related to the service.  Customer’s name, address and telephone number are not considered to be CPNI.  US Signal does not disclose CPNI to any third party without written permission by the Customer of record.

US Signal Website ( and Applications

  1. US Signal may collect anonymous Customer and user information as these individuals use the US Signal website.
  2. The data collected is used to gather information as to how Customers and users may interact with the website and the specific products and services.  It is also a measure of the website’s traffic.
  3. US Signal uses cookies for a variety of reasons.  A cookie is a text file that the US Signal website or application will transfer to the Customer or user’s hard disk so the website or application may remember the browser in case the individual would like to use the website or application in the future.  Cookies allow the website to run more efficiently and increase the Customer or user’s experience with the website or applications while allowing US Signal to better understand usage of its websites and applications  Cookies do not contain any personal information.  A Customer or user may change their browser settings to accept or decline cookies; please consult the manufacturer of the browser in order to modify any personal settings.

Information not subject to this Privacy Policy

  1. If Customer or User participates in public forums of any kind including but not limited to social networking sites, social media, bulletin boards, blogs, chat rooms or forums even if US Signal participates in these sites, the Customer or User is advised the information submitted to these sites is considered public.  Any information considered public may be read, collected, distributed or used by others without the consent of the Customer or user.  Use of the sites referenced herein are at Customer or users sole discretion.  Information shared on these sites is not covered by this Policy.
  2. If Customer or User navigates to any website other than US Signal’s website ( then information and data collected by that website or application is governed by the policies of that particular site and not this Policy.  When navigating to another website, US Signal recommends and encourages that its Customers and users review the other website’s Privacy Policies before supplying any personal information to them.
  3. Information required by law enforcement agencies through court orders, subpoenas, warrants and other legal proceedings.  Unless otherwise negotiated in writing between the parties, US Signal does not provide notice to Customers or users of demands from law enforcement agencies.
  4. Any violations of federal or state law.

US Signal Company Correspondence

  1. All Customers or users who receive correspondence from US Signal or an affiliate may choose to opt out of any such future correspondence by 1) choosing the link typically at the bottom of the correspondence to unsubscribe from the service; or 2) report it to US Signal at 
  2. Although Customers and users may opt out of marketing correspondence, Customers will still receive service related contacts and notices from US Signal.  US Signal will work with all Customers to establish a reasonable method of correspondence between US Signal and Customer for service related issues.
  3. Any correspondence request may take up to thirty (30) days for Customer or users requests to be processed.

Privacy of Children

  1. US Signal websites are not designed nor intended for children under the age of 18. US Signal does not knowingly collect any information from children under the age of 18.
  2. The US Signal website, applications and services are designed specifically for individuals over the age of 18.

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