Ensure privacy and security in your connections with US Signal's direct transport network services.

Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, point-to-cloud. Wherever you need your communications to go, US Signal's direct transport network services deliver the fast, secure direct connectivity your business requires.

Direct Transport services include Optical Wave, Private Line, Virtual Cloud Connect, and Direct Fiber Access. Each leverages the benefits of US Signal's wholly owned and operated network, including 9,500 miles of lit fiber across 10 states, redundant SONET architecture, Cisco-powered technologies, and over 225 data centers and POPs.


Keep It Private

Keep It Private

Increase security with private transport and avoid the unnecessary internet hops to get your data where it needs to be.

Public Cloud Access

Public Cloud Access

Establish layer 3 connectivity to third-party public cloud providers through a US Signal private network connection.

SONET Protected

SONET Protected

Depend on US Signal's very own 9,500-mile SONET network for dedicated, secure and fully protected connection between two locations.

Virtual Cloud Connect

Connecting to the cloud — any cloud — has never been easier. US Signal’s Virtual Cloud Connect provides you with dedicated, direct network access to major cloud providers. No direct peering or collocating your networking equipment in a provider-supported data center is required.

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Direct Fiber Access

Direct Fiber Access can provide either protected or unprotected paths from your location to the US Signal metro fiber ring. Decrease your hops to the internet and leverage US Signal’s connection to five Tier 1 upstream providers. Create a low latency connection to US Signal’s cloud infrastructure with a direct connection to 9,500 miles of wholly owned fiber optics.

  • Available as a fiber lateral from metro fiber rings in select markets.
  • Bandwidths ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps
  • Fast Ethernet, copper gigabit Ethernet, and optical gigabit Ethernet handoff options available.
  • Choice of three different lateral protection schemes: Unprotected path, Partially Collapsed Path, and Protected Path.
  • Dedicated bandwidth never shared with other customers.
  • Optimal application performance.
  • Maximum data throughput.
  • Choose your lateral protection scheme and handoff options.
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Private Line

Get total control over your communications to get them where they’re going — without security risks or the hindrance of routing and switching protocols. US Signal's Private Line services provide a dedicated, secure, SONET-protected connection between two locations. A variety of interconnection options are available from T1 to OC3, so you can configure the connections to support your specific requirements.

US Signal offers SONET-based, metro and long-haul point-to-point circuits from DS-1 to OC-192 capacity, as well as private lines with Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet handoffs. Metro services including multiplexing, inter-office transport, cross connections and local loops are also available in selected markets.

  • Dedicated, secure, SONET-protected connection between two locations.
  • Flexible network architecture to support point-to-point and hub arrangements.
  • Multiple bandwidth and handoff options from DS-1 to OC-192.
  • End-to-end provisioning on US Signal’s SONET protected, Cisco-powered network.
  • SLA-backed for 99.999% uptime.
  • Benefit from competitive pricing and flexible contract terms.
  • Gain peace of mind with 24/7/365 network surveillance for quick trouble resolution.
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Optical Wave

Keep your bandwidth high and your costs low with US Signal’s Optical Wave service. It’s a fiber-based, point-to-point service that provides dedicated, transparent, secure connections between two of your locations. Get the guaranteed dedicated bandwidth you need without investing in or operating a network infrastructure.

  • Choice of a wide variety of data signals supported across waves, and diverse routes.
  • Numerous handoff options, including SONET OC-48 and OC-192 data signals, 1GigE, 2.5 GigE, 10 GigE, LAN/WAN-PHY, SR10, LR4, and more.
  • Over 150 carrier-neutral locations, central offices and wireless MSCs/MTSOs.
  • Metro and long-haul wave services available.
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