A Look at US Signal's People-Centric Culture

May 14, 2024
Customer Service

Customer centricity. Customer-focused approach. Customer obsessed. Employee-first culture. Employees are our greatest assets.

They’re all common phrases and sayings used in business, each with its own meaning and angle on how it affects an organization’s culture. What they share, however, is the focus on people. It’s a focus a lot of companies say they have —although their employees and customers often feel otherwise.

That’s typical of organizations that claim to put people first but take a more product-centric approach to their businesses. They identify a market need and create a product or service to meet it that will also generate the most value for their company.

The people who need or want the company’s product—and the people involved in creating and selling it—are less important. The company will boast that “people” make the difference, but that’s more of a marketing or employee recruiting ploy to fulfill a need the company has.

There is little investment in understanding customers’ changing needs and preferences, and minimal attention is given to recruiting, developing, and retaining employees whose work fosters strong customer relationships and loyalty and contributes to the company’s people-focused reputation.

We can confidently say that at US Signal, people-centricity is a real thing, and each of the phrases and sayings cited above holds true. The proof is in the feedback we receive from customers, employees, and our partners. It’s also what sets us apart from many of our competitors.

People Make the Technology Work

It’s not surprising that companies in the technology industry, including those in the digital infrastructure space, have a reputation for not being people-centric organizations. In many cases, their technologies — or that of others — have lessened the need for or availability of human interaction. How often have you encountered an AI-powered chatbot instead of a real person when you contact customer support?

These organizations want to limit human interaction because it allows them to focus their resources on creating and selling their technology-based products and services, which generates revenue. But at US Signal, we’ve found that things like employee satisfaction and fostering customer loyalty make our business thrive.

" US Signal always makes sure our customers have what they need to succeed. Even when the problem lies outside of our products or environments, we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure our customers are up and running. "

- Gerritt Benethem, Client Development Representative

In a technology-based industry where companies come and go frequently, we’ve remained a trusted service provider since our founding in 2001. That says something about the value of our approach.

We’re all for implementing new processes and technologies in how we operate if they make things better for our customers and our employees. (That chat box on our website is there for our customers’ convenience but is doesn’t take the place of live conversations with tech support.)

That’s why we continue to evolve both our operations and our product portfolio. But the driver for us is how what we do and what we offer benefits our stakeholders, not how they impact our bottom line.

We continually talk to our customers and prospects to understand their challenges, pain points and short- and long-term goals. Sustainability is an increasingly important concern? We hear you and are taking action. You need a converged networking and security service to secure branch offices, users, and applications? We’ve got you covered. When a technical support issue arises, you want immediate help and not to spend time in a queue waiting to talk to a live person? Technical support calls are typically answered within 30 seconds. The person who answers the call is trained to provide the assistance you need in almost all cases. (If not, we have a tiered support approach that makes sure your issue gets resolved as soon as possible and that we stay in contact with you until it does.)

Listening is important. So is relationship building. Our emphasis isn’t on selling as many off-the-shelf products as we can. It’s on establishing long-term partnerships with our customers (as well as our partners), and working with them to overcome their challenges and meet their needs — even as they change.

We understand the key role our employees play in making that happen. Our people are responsible for developing the solutions our customers and partners need and want. Digital transformation? It’s our people helping our customers achieve it.

" When our customers have an issue and aren’t sure what to do, they don’t have to search Google for a 1-800 number. They know they can call Tony, or Pam, or Ben…the people who helped them last time – the people they know will be there waiting to help them next time. "

- Tony Sangalli, Senior Client Development Representative

Our employees’ abilities to connect with customers and gain their trust, and their “whatever it takes” attitude that helps us maintain a high customer satisfaction level and the repeat business of so many companies. It doesn’t matter what role our employees play in a customer relationship or what process they participate in. Everyone at US Signal takes pride in their work and contribute to our “people-centric” culture.

To facilitate this culture, inside the organization we prioritize making work experiences meaningful, rewarding and even fun. (Follow us on Instagram to get a sense of what it’s like to work at US Signal.) Work/life balance is emphasized. Diversity is appreciated and embraced. Excellent work is acknowledged. Growth and development opportunities are provided. Flexibility is a given.

Externally, we actively seek out ways to foster relationships with our local technology communities, as well as with the broader communities in which we live and work. Partnerships with managed services providers (MSPs), resellers and others are far more than transaction-based relationships.

Experience the Difference People Make

To get a better sense of US Signal’s people-centric focus and its other attributes, read some of our case studies and view our videos. If you’re in the market for IT services, talking to one of our solution architects or account representatives will give you a good sense of our emphasis on people rather than products. And if you’re seeking a career with a company that values people — customers, partners and employees alike, join us on the people side of technology and consider a position with our company.