The US Signal Teams That Support Your Team

February 21, 2023
IT Services

The US Signal Teams That Support Your Team

“Don’t go it alone.” It’s something we tell our clients a lot at US Signal. We truly believe the service provider-client relationship should be a partnership. It’s our job to be there when our clients need us, to provide guidance and to offer solutions. Some call what we do as “white glove service.” For us, it’s business as usual. Here are the teams that make that happen.

Of course, there are also many other individuals and departments that help ensure a successful partnership too. That includes members of our billing department, the teams that oversee our data centers and cloud solutions, our Professional Services team, our security and compliance experts, and many others.

Everyone shares a common commitment to putting our clients first and helping them achieve their goals, resolve their pain points, and be successful. (Our high customer satisfaction rating and the large number of long-time customers we have indicates we’re doing something right.)

The Process

Every client engagement is different, so we can’t talk about a specific way things work. We’ve worked with many of our clients for several years, so the solutions and services we provide often evolve to meet their changing needs. That requires us to be flexible as well as agile. However, the process generally works as follows:

  • Strategy and Assessment. Things start off with our Solution Team, comprised of our internal experts who are best suited for a specific account or project, and members of the Sales Team, asking questions and listening to the answers. This enables the team to gain insight into an organization’s short- and long-term business goals, requirements, and pain points.

For repeat and long-term clients, our staff is very proactive in checking in, updating clients about new products and services, staying on top of trends, and ensuring that clients are getting what they need.

  • Design and Architecture. For new projects or additional services, the team pulls in additional solution architects, product specialists, cloud engineers, and our Professional Services members, as appropriate, to work together to develop a solution best suited to a client’s needs. Flexibility and scalability are key considerations. Rightsizing recommendations are included to help optimize resource usage.
  • Solution Review. The Solution and Sales team members then meet with the client to discuss how the solution works, the advantages it offers, any relevant options, and more. Interactive dialogue is welcomed. If it doesn’t feel right, the team will make the necessary adjustments.
  • Project Kickoff and Management. Once the project is approved, a dedicated project will head things up going forward and see the solution implementation through to the end. A project plan will be provided that identifies required tasks, key dates, who is responsible for what, and other important information. Members of the Implementation and Operations Teams will jump in to do their part to ensure project success.
  • Onboarding and Migration. How a US Signal solution is provisioned will depend on what it is, but we’ll provide all the details of what’s entailed. The Implementation Team takes the lead in this area. The US Signal project manager will continue to keep the client apprised of how things are going. Frequent status meetings provide a good venue for discussing and mitigating any issues.
  • Testing and Follow-up. Once all project plan tasks are completed, testing is conducted to make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to work. US Signal then turns the IT solution over to the client. The account representative for the client will periodically check in to ensure things are going smoothly. The appropriate team members will be brought in as needed to finetune solutions and resolve issues.
  • Technical Support. If anything is needed or a client encounters a problem, US Signal’s 24/7/365 Technical Operations Center (TOC) is just a phone call away. Calls are typically answered within 30 seconds by professionals trained to handle just about any issue.

The Value-added Services

Many cloud services and data center services providers may provide services ─ and service ─ comparable to what US Signal does. What our clients say distinguishes us is our level of responsiveness and flexibility.

If an issue arises ─ at any time, clients can count on the appropriate US Signal experts to address it immediately and effectively. Our Customer Stories provide examples of that responsiveness and flexibility in action.

Clients also appreciate the support US Signal offers via knowledge sharing. Numerous events are offered throughout the year, such as our Beers for Engineers sessions, in which we provide valuable product, service, and industry insights, networking opportunities, and more.

Meet the Teams

Find out for yourself what it’s like to work with US Signal. Contact us, and we’ll arrange for you to meet the appropriate experts to help you meet your IT needs. If you’re an MSP, US Signal also offers specialized MSP teams and resources to support you as well.