No Time for Downtime

Most, if not all, organizations today rely on their IT systems to keep their businesses up and running. Without access to their systems and data, many organizations would experience lost productivity, lost revenue and even lost customers.

That’s why downtime — the time during which an IT system is unavailable — can be disastrous, especially for companies that don’t have a tested disaster recovery plan in place.

How much IT downtime could your business tolerate? What would any kind of IT disruption cost you in terms of lost revenue and productivity?

Use the calculator below to get an estimate of how much downtime could cost your organization. Simply plug in the relevant numbers for your business. While it doesn’t take into account all the various ways downtime can hurt your business, it will give you a general idea of the potential damage downtime could do to your organization.

Keep in mind that downtime hurts business beyond just the financial impact. A long enough outage can cause businesses to start experiencing a loss of customer trust, damage to brand reputation and more.

Having a tested disaster recovery plan can help mitigate the effects of unplanned downtime. US Signal offers a multiple battle-tested disaster recovery platforms that can help, including: