Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is securely stored but easily accessible when you need it.

Meet your specific storage needs for structured and unstructured data with US Signal cloud storage. Whether you need storage for content, data backups, archiving, disaster recovery or some other use case, US Signal has you covered.

Both object storage and fully managed file storage are available. Each offers multiple geo-diverse storage locations, easy access and inherent redundancy.

Plus, US Signal’s cloud storage options are built using HIPAA and PCI standards to help you achieve your compliance requirements and boost their overall security. They’re also SLA-backed for 99.99% availability.


Geo-Diverse Locations

Geo-Diverse Locations

Utilize multiple cloud storage locations for low latency and location diversity.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Bandwidth

Move data in and out as needed with no additional fees or egress charges.

Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity

Store and access your data privately through US Signal network connectivity.

Object Storage

US Signal Object Storage offers easily accessible storage capacity that can be scaled with almost infinite capacity. It’s ideal for cost-effectively storing large quantities of data, including unstructured data.

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File Storage

If you’ve got data, you need to easily access, archive, share, and securely store it. US Signal has the storage system that can handle it all. US Signal’s fully managed File Storage offers unmetered data transfer in and out of the storage array and unparalleled security for data storage and transport.

With multiple geographically diverse storage locations, File Storage seamlessly integrates with US Signal’s private Wide Area Network (WAN) services. Connectivity is available through US Signal’s MPLS VPN, VES, Dedicated Internet Access, and MPLS NNI, as well as its Colocation services, Hosted Private Cloud, and Resource Pools. The US Signal-managed backend storage arrays are configured with inherent fault tolerance.

Choose from:

  • US Signal MPLS/VES Connectivity. Use US Signal MPLS or VES network solutions to provide private connectivity to the NAS storage targets. 
  • Private VPN Connectivity. Pair NAS storage with US Signal’s Direct Internet Access and Managed Security solutions to terminate private VPN tunnels to a dedicated US Signal provided firewall.
  • Easily budget with unmetered bandwidth pricing that allows you to move data in or out as you need.
  • Integrate File Storage into your existing environment to share data with colleagues with group-based access.
  • Quickly access and share data housed in US Signal’s data centers with a 10 Gbps optical network backbone that allows for high-speed file transfers.
  • Rely on 100% hardware uptime for ultimate reliability.
  • Seamlessly integrate with US Signal’s private WAN services.
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