Scale multiple network connections with various routing connections leveraging US Signal's Ethernet Transport services.

US Signal offers Layer 2 Ethernet transport services to organizations seeking highly scalable solutions for multipoint connections. These services are among the market's most expansive, supporting the growing bandwidth requirements and application performance associated with today's ever-changing network needs.

In 2021, US Signal joined MEF, a global association of network, technology and cloud providers collaborating to advance digital transformation. We quickly achieved 3.0 Carrier Ethernet Certification for our transport services, demonstrating that our solutions meet the standards and specifications of the industry's leading authority.

Our Ethernet transport solutions are part of our extensive portfolio of switched and routed services, which include MPLS, dedicated internet access, cellular failover and virtual ethernet services (VES). We also offer top-tier direct transport services.


Features of US Signal's Ethernet Transport Services

One of the most significant benefits of our carrier Ethernet transport services is their ability to connect two or more large-area networks (LANs) while maintaining peak efficiency and optimal performance. These solutions are ideal for applications requiring high bandwidths with increased wide-area network (WAN) complexity. We built our robust Ethernet infrastructure from the ground up with carrier-grade transport equipment, enabling us to back our services with some of the industry's most comprehensive service-level agreements (SLAs).

Notable features include:

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated Bandwidth

Connection backed by 9,500 miles of highly redundant fiber

Network Security

Network Security

Private network with end-to-end security that supports the evolving hybrid cloud model

Application Prioritization

Application Prioritization

Quality of Service (QoS) options to prioritize intensive application needs


  • Fully meshed multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) routing
  • The ability to connect any site on US Signal's dense footprint
  • Private network with end-to-end security that supports the evolving hybrid cloud model
  • All services meet MEF 3.0 performance metrics
  • Options for private network connections to hyper-scale cloud providers through US Signal's Virtual Cloud Connect service


US Signal's Ethernet transport network architecture provides secure connectivity using various topology solutions. Each solution supports maximum transmission unit (MTU) sizes of up to 9,000 bytes in our 9,500-mile fiber optic network with port, virtual large-area network (VLAN) and Ethernet virtual connection (EVC) options. Each solution type is MEF-certified and available in scalable service bandwidths from 1 megabit to 10 gigabits per second.

Solutions include:

  • E-line (Ethernet to line): Point-to-point connectivity
  • E-LAN (Ethernet to large-area network): Point-to-multipoint connectivity
  • E-TREE (Ethernet to tree): Rooted multipoint connectivity
  • E-Access: Point-to-ENNI (external network-to-network interface) connectivity
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Industries That Benefit From Ethernet Transport Solutions

Ethernet transport services work well for businesses needing multiple connections with various routing options. Because pricing for these services does not depend on distance like many conventional private-line alternatives, Ethernet transport is the ideal solution for multilocation operations or global networks.

Several examples of the industries that benefit from our Ethernet transport services include:

  • Financial services: Banks, credit unions, insurance companies and brokerage houses
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and home care providers
  • Education: Elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities
  • Manufacturing: Industrial facilities, food processors and chemical refineries
  • Retail: Supermarkets, department stores and e-commerce operations
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Learn More About MPLS With US Signal Today

As a leader in carrier network services since 2001, US Signal boasts one of the industry's most robust fiber networks with access to over 225 data centers and point-of-presences (POPs). Regardless of your information transport needs, our experts can recommend the ideal solution and accommodate your operational requirements as you grow. Contact us online or call 866-274-4625 today to get started.