Connect multiple location networks securely using US Signal's Virtual Ethernet services.

Our virtual Ethernet services (VES) extend Layer 2 private connectivity into your wide-area network (WAN) topology by moving large-area network (LAN) packets throughout our proprietary network. These services enable you to connect to locations across the US Signal footprint in multipoint or point-to-point configurations. Users can choose from multiple access types and various bandwidth options without needing fixed or permanent virtual circuits.

As one of the industry's top virtual Ethernet providers, US Signal has years of experience helping clients improve network operating efficiencies through VES and other switched and routed services. We strive to help you implement the solutions you need to make the most of your information technology (IT) resources and help get your IT where it needs to be.


Features of US Signal's Virtual Ethernet Services:

Multilocation LAN Connections

Multilocation LAN Connections

The most significant benefit of an Ethernet virtual private line is the ability to connect two or more LANs in multiple locations while maintaining optimal speeds and network efficiency.

Secure Point-to-Point Connections

Secure Point-to-Point Connections

Secure, point-to-point connections make VES ideal for organizations that must comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or payment card industry (PCI) regulations.


  • US Signal's robust network: Our virtual Ethernet services operate within the highly redundant, wholly owned and managed US Signal dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) transport network.
  • Flexibility: Customers can design a customized solution by mixing and matching any available Ethernet speeds and access options while purchasing only the bandwidth they need.
  • Streamlined connectivity: Access full-rate 1 or 10 gigabits per second external network-to-network interfaces (ENNI).
  • VLAN connections: Satisfy the connection requirements of your virtual large-area network (VLAN) from one port.
  • Comprehensive service level agreements: US Signal's VES performance metrics rank among the industry's highest.
  • Maximum transmission: Our services can support jumbo frames and a maximum transmission unit size of 1518 bytes.

Industries That Benefit From Virtual Ethernet Services

Virtual Ethernet works well for organizations needing multiple connections with multipoint or point-to-point routing. Because virtual Ethernet service pricing does not involve distance like many conventional private-line alternatives, they are ideal for remote locations and global networks. US Signal provides VES solutions to businesses with multiple branch offices requiring dedicated connections or enterprises with various locations wanting to streamline network management.

Several examples of industries that benefit from our VES solutions include:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare systems with multiple clinics, offices or branches can improve the quality and speed of their connections.
  • Financial services: Businesses like banks, credit unions and insurance companies benefit from private lines dedicated exclusively to their operations.
  • Manufacturing: Industrial companies with multiple facilities and locations can maximize their connectivity.
  • Education: Ethernet virtual private line connections bypass the public internet, protecting traffic from outside threats.
  • Retail: Brick-and-mortar stores and online operations can transfer sensitive customer data securely between locations over US Signal's private network.
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US Signal has provided the market's most reliable and innovative data center technologies, managed services and cloud solutions through our robust, proprietary network. Our virtual Ethernet services are just one example of how we help clients streamline connectivity and maintain IT security. Contact us online or call 866-274-4625 today with questions or to obtain additional technical information.