Identify vulnerabilities. Stay on top of emerging threats. Use insights to prioritize next steps and efficiently address security issues. Free up resources.

With US Signal’s Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaS), you don’t need internal expertise or resources to identify your organization’s IT security vulnerabilities. US Signal handles the vulnerability scanning tool setup, configuration, implementation, and management, freeing you to focus on any issues that are discovered — and mitigate them before they become problems.

Choose the type of scans you need to satisfy your security and/or compliance requirements: internal, external, agent-based or a combination. US Signal’s Security Operations Center (SOC) can provide guidance, based on your IT environments and business needs. Scanning is available on a one-time, quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis. 

You can also add US Signal’s SOC Analysis service. US Signal’s SOC team will analyze your vulnerability scan results, drawing on security best practices. You’ll be provided with recommended actions, prioritized to help you address the most serious issues while making optimal use of your resources. Additional consulting services and assistance in implementing the recommendations are also available.

External Scan

External Scan

Get an “outside-in look” with a scan performed outside your network. This reveals the security of the IT infrastructure exposed to the internet, including web applications and ports.

Internal Scan

Internal Scan

Conducted inside your network, this scan exposes vulnerabilities that can be exploited if perimeter defenses are penetrated. That includes malware and “insider threats.”

Agent-based Scan

Agent-based Scan

This device-based scan enables monitoring of connected endpoints including IoT and BYOD assets, unmanaged devices used by remote employees and assets that aren’t “always on.”


  • Optimized setup, configuration, and management by US Signal’s SOC team to ensure efficiencies and optimal results
  • Provides critical insights into your IT environments and devices to identify, classify, and prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Regular scan intervals provide proactive alerts
  • Scans and identifies vulnerabilities with 99.9997% accuracy, protecting your IT assets on-premises, in the cloud, and mobile endpoints
  • Choice of three types of scans — or a combination of them — with selection guidance from US Signal’s SOC team
  • Works with the groundbreaking Qualys Cloud Agents, extending the network coverage to assets that cannot be scanned traditionally
  • Can be supplemented by US Signal’s SOC Analysis service


VMaaS Data Sheet

SOC Analysis

Get business-specific, actionable remediation and mitigation recommendations to mitigate security vulnerabilities.

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