Protected and Connected

There’s no place like home — except when it comes to your IT infrastructure, there is some place better. US Signal offers some of the Midwest’s most secure colocation and data center facilities with the additional bonus of direct connection to
US Signal’s secure and robust network. With US Signal colocation services, what you need is what you get — from a half cabinet to a custom cage configuration. 

Location Matters

Strategically located throughout the Midwest, US Signal’s data centers are close enough for convenience, but offer the benefits of geographical diversity. Choose from facilities at least 200 miles apart and on separate power grids to help mitigate the effects of natural disasters. Facilities are located in areas protected from weather-related events, yet are easily accessible from main transportation routes.

Keeping Things Cool

US Signal data centers incorporate cooling solutions to ensure the consistent temperature and humidity levels needed to protect your IT assets. All critical facility components are redundant to help maintain 100% uptime if an outage
occurs or preventative maintenance is required. US Signal also ensures that its data centers employ only the highest caliber equipment and technologies.

Secure and Compliant

US Signal data centers are designed for maximum security with 24/7 video surveillance, RFID readers on every door, and iron-clad security policies. All cabinets and cages include combination locks. Biometric scanning is available at select facilities. Facilities are also audited annually to meet the stringent security require-ments of PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH and other regulatory standards.   

Your Move. Your Way.

On-premise to colocation. On-premise to cloud. Colocation to cloud. Wherever you’re taking your workloads, US Signal can help make the transition smooth. Employ US Signal’s professional services team to handle data transfer, migration and onboarding. Or, use Cloud Kiosk — located at select US Signal colocation facilities — to migrate data yourself over a dedicated link at your convenience.

Go Hybrid

Use US Signal colocation as the centerpiece of your hybrid IT strategy. Deploy hardware and/or a private cloud in a US Signal colocation facility and then connect to US Signal cloud services to enable elasticity and scale-out cloud bursting via low-latency interconnects. Or, set up your hardware and/or a private cloud in a colocation facility to enable compliance when data must reside in a single-tenant environment. Then connect to cloud applications through secure, private, low-latency connections. Whatever IT environment you need, US Signal colocation can help you make the connection.

Cloud Kiosk

Leverage US Signal’s Cloud Kiosk in our Colocation facilities to migrate your data over a dedicated 1Gb link straight into your Cloud Hosting environment.

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