Leverage our expertise to help your business or organization develop an effective security program.

Virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) services enable businesses without an in-house officer to secure sensitive data and manage information technology (IT) risk cost-effectively. Virtual CISOs comprehensively assess a company's security posture to identify weaknesses and maximize security standing over the long term. They accomplish these tasks by delivering highly qualified information security expertise on demand instead of the company filling a dedicated full-time position.

US Signal offers vCISO services that range from overseeing the execution of daily security tasks to executive-level planning and guidance, including customized strategies and processes based on your organization's unique requirements. Our team offers this feature for one-off projects, on-demand or continuously for however long you need.

Virtual CISO Service Features

US Signal has years of experience helping organizations develop, implement and maintain effective information security programs through our outsourced vCISO services. Your organization can hire our virtual information security officer to support an existing position or assume all the roles and responsibilities of a chief information security officer, regardless of the company's size.

We've partnered with many businesses across a broad industry range to help them:

  • Develop or update IT policies specific to their operation.
  • Plan and build a robust security architecture.
  • Manage IT risk against current business objectives.
  • Secure sensitive data.
  • Increase cybersecurity awareness and develop training programs.
  • Oversee specific projects like data classification, vendor risk management and compliance initiatives.
  • Design and implement disaster recovery and data loss prevention plans.
  • Perform information security audits.

Industries That Benefit From Virtual CISO Services

While larger businesses have used in-house CISOs for years, many smaller and medium-sized organizations benefit significantly from virtual officers, especially as many companies migrate to the cloud. With cyberattack risk increasing for all businesses, virtual CISOs work well for the most vulnerable companies without comprehensive levels of protection.

Businesses like banks, credit unions and insurance companies in the financial services industry benefit from virtual CISOs because of regulations in the payment card industry. Healthcare organizations such as clinics, hospitals and home care providers capitalize on a vCISO's extensive knowledge to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements. Similarly, smaller colleges and universities rely on these services to ensure data quality and safeguard privacy for students, professors and administrative staff.

Examples of other industries that benefit from vCISO services include manufacturing, retail, hospitality, utilities and technology.

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Virtual CISO Vendor Partnership Opportunities

Explore partnership opportunities with US Signal to use our virtual CISO and other top-class services to build your brand. These partnerships allow you to set prices to resell our products while controlling your organization's profitability. You can offer these services individually or combine them with existing products to grow your market and increase your company's value for customers.

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Discover More About vCISO Services With US Signal

Since 2001, US Signal has offered industry-leading managed services, data center technologies and cloud solutions to clients in the Midwest and throughout the United States — all powered by our robust fiber network. We strive to establish lasting partnerships with each client by offering superior technical knowledge and exceptional customer service. To learn more about how our vCISO services can improve your business, call 866-274-4625 or connect with us online today.