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Locked Out: The Ransomware Crisis

Locky, CryptoWall, CTB-Locker, VaultCrypt, KeRanger, CryptoLocker, CryptoLocker.F, TorrentLocker, Petya, RSA4096, JIGSAW, MAKTUBLOCKER, SamSam…the list of ransomware is constantly growing. It’s everywhere in the news, but what exactly is ransomware? And what do you do if you’ve been infected? How do you defend against these kinds of attacks?

Colocating Your Equipment - New Michigan Tax Exemptions

In case you need another reason to move your equipment to our currently expanding Grand Rapids East data center, you now may be eligible for tax breaks on equipment purchased and housed in any qualified Michigan data centers. On December 23, 2015, Governor Rick Snyder signed new tax-reform legislation into law which allows colocated businesses a tax exemption on the purchase of new data center equipment (including computers, servers, and routers) if it is hosted in a qualified Michigan data center.

What Needs Monitoring?

You’re sick of being blind-sided by issues. You’re tired of being hounded by users asking when the server will be back up while you are still trying to figure out what went wrong in the first place. Say goodbye to all of those headaches with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) from US Signal! With standard 24x7x365 server monitoring and alerting, patching, and optional remediation, it will be just like hiring that other administrator that you have been asking for.

Licensing in the Cloud

Licensing. That single word should have been enough to make any IT Administrator cringe. A person that manages software licensing will tell you that they’ve dedicated countless hours/days over their career analyzing and accounting for their rights to use a product. Are all my users covered? Is every device accounted for? Is an audit around the corner? Is my job on the line if things don’t go as planned?

The Network for Your Digital Business

Is the business you own or work for a digital business?  You may reply, “Well, no, not really.  We manufacture X and Y.”  Or, “No, we provide this service to our community.”  You may not think of your primary business to be digital, but consider the technology (computers and applications) and network bandwidth (your Internet connection) that you use every day to support your operations.  How has the use of technology and bandwidth grown in your business?  Do you use online-based applications for such areas as accounting, human resources, or off-site data backup? How would your business and customers be affected if your technology or network connections degraded or failed all together?

Going Mobile

Getting ready for work in the morning has changed. It used to be jump out of bed, clean up, dress, grab your briefcase, head out the door and get to the office pronto. Today, along with your cuff links and belt, you carry an array of electronic accessories – all vital to your work life.