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What’s the Deal with the Contract?

Well, everything and that’s the point. Over the years I’ve been asked why US Signal’s agreements sometimes are longer when compared to other providers. My answer is concise - it’s because we don’t hide anything from our customers. I know that’s not always satisfying to sales representatives but the truth is that the details of how we will do business together matter in our customer relationships. 

How Does Peering Work?

In order to talk about peering, we must talk about the Internet in general. Peering is a very large part of how the Internet functions. The Internet is not one single thing, entity or organization but rather thousands of networks connected through the exchange of information – made possible with peering

Colocation Facility Considerations

To keep your company growing, it is imperative to keep your business' information safe and your apps reliable; this is where secure colocation fits in. If your servers and devices aren't residing in a dedicated data center, you run the risk of lost data and downtime with your apps.

Colocation - More Relevant Than Ever

Without a doubt, change is rapid when it comes to your business's IT needs. New products and services roll out constantly, including the transition to cloud-based services. There's the evolution of the data center and mission-critical applications, such as disaster-recovery-as-a-service. And of course, mobile apps have exploded.

Creating a Data and Systems Backup and Recovery Plan

In my last blog post, we covered the current state of backup and recovery plans as presented in a recent FEMA report. The report indicated that more than 30 percent of surveyed companies report major fails when it comes to data and systems recovery. To that end, below is a list of the information you'll need to identify and understand to create and implement a smart backup and recovery plan for all your organization's data and systems.

Compliant Resource Pools

With the push for compliance in so many segments of the world today, many businesses, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions are struggling to find the balance between expensive dedicated or on-premise equipment and non-compliant cloud services in a multi-tenant environment. 

Network Powered Cloud

At US Signal we tout our cloud offering as being network-powered, but what does that really mean? What problem does it solve for our customers? Since the inception of US Signal in 2000, we’ve built our fiber network to stretch 14,000 miles across the Midwest. Our network was built using key Cisco technologies to ensure maximum speeds over the entire network

Windows Server 2003 End of life looms up over the horizon

With Microsoft not telegraphing any signs of extending their End of Life support for Windows Server 2003, many IT Directors are making hard decisions about where to move their existing applications and storage. If you find your organization in that boat, you’re not alone. In a recent HP report they estimated that as many as 11 million servers are still running Server 2003.

So what does end of life mean to your company?

Cloud Backup or Cloud Storage: Which one is right for me?

The differences between cloud backup and cloud storage can often be misunderstood amongst the constant chatter of cloud this and cloud that. It is important to understand that cloud backup and cloud storage have very different uses and address specific challenges. Let’s take a look at the fundamental differences and uses for both of these cloud solutions.