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Compliant Resource Pools

With the push for compliance in so many segments of the world today, many businesses, healthcare organizations, and financial institutions are struggling to find the balance between expensive dedicated or on-premise equipment and non-compliant cloud services in a multi-tenant environment. 

Network Powered Cloud

At US Signal we tout our cloud offering as being network-powered, but what does that really mean? What problem does it solve for our customers? Since the inception of US Signal in 2000, we’ve built our fiber network to stretch 14,000 miles across the Midwest. Our network was built using key Cisco technologies to ensure maximum speeds over the entire network

Windows Server 2003 End of life looms up over the horizon

With Microsoft not telegraphing any signs of extending their End of Life support for Windows Server 2003, many IT Directors are making hard decisions about where to move their existing applications and storage. If you find your organization in that boat, you’re not alone. In a recent HP report they estimated that as many as 11 million servers are still running Server 2003.

So what does end of life mean to your company?

Cloud Backup or Cloud Storage: Which one is right for me?

The differences between cloud backup and cloud storage can often be misunderstood amongst the constant chatter of cloud this and cloud that. It is important to understand that cloud backup and cloud storage have very different uses and address specific challenges. Let’s take a look at the fundamental differences and uses for both of these cloud solutions.

3 Simple Ways to Move to the Cloud

As data center technology improves, more and more businesses are moving all or part of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Businesses are eager to get on board. But once you make the decision to move to the cloud, how do you get there?

Why Colocate?

Bring your own equipment and explore the possibilities. It goes without saying that your business needs IT infrastructure. When both deciding where to house your IT infrastructure, and transitioning some Capital Expense to Operational Expense, US Signal Colocation allows for the ultimate flexibility. Rather than building your own data center just to house your backup/DR appliances or networking gear, leverage US Signal’s existing data centers and infrastructure for the peace of mind of knowing you can focus on your business.

5 Reasons Backup with US Signal Makes Sense

There’s no doubt about it, backing up your data in the cloud is the next step for many companies. According to Forbes research, 65% of companies will look at virtualizing at least part of their on-premise architecture in the 2015. 25% of those companies will be looking solely for cloud backup. These facts have launched a myriad of startups and new product offerings from existing IT companies. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know which company to choose from. We humbly offer five reasons why using US Signal simply makes sense.

Why the Cloud is a Secure Option

When looking at the Cloud and Security, not all service providers are created equal. When negotiating with a cloud provider you should be able to ask questions about the physical, logical, and institutional security that the company implements and get clear answers. If the Cloud provider is a reputable organization they should be able to answer your questions fully and provide supporting documentation of the security of their operation.

Standby for Disaster

Disasters, regardless of the cause: equipment failure, human error, or a natural disaster such as a flood or hurricane, are an ever-present threat to an organization’s data. Businesses have to decide how much data they’re prepared to lose and how long they can tolerate downtime. But this is only the planning phase. Once these objectives have been defined, it’s often up to IT to implement a plan to ensure that the metrics are achievable. This is where the difficulty presents itself.