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Top 3 Traits of Tech Leaders

Holding down the top job as a leader in the tech world is not easy, especially with the fierce competition and intense pressure to be successful. A great leader has the flexibility and foresight to make changes, create safe to fail environments and is a master of communication.

High Performance “Hands-Off” Metro-E Services

Lutheran Health Network is a converged healthcare services network for the Northeast Indiana region. Our provider network consists of multiple hospital campuses, and dozens of physician practice locations and urgent care clinics. We provide voice, video, and standard data services to all locations with port access rates ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 1 Gbps

How the Internet of Everything Impacts Business

It is estimated that there are over 15 billion people, devices, and machines connected to the Internet today. By 2020, Cisco estimates this number will jump to over 50 billion. The Internet of Everything (IoE) sounds like a buzz word, and it is, but it is also the over-used marquee of very exciting times. The increase in people and technology connecting to the Internet is allowing knowledge to be shared in ways our grandparents never thought possible. Sure, celebrity gossip now spreads at the speed of light, but the sharing of ideas like using 3D Printers to make prosthetics for young amputees would not be possible without the IoE. Alas, I digress as I'm here today to talk about how the IoE impacts business.

Avoid Doomsday. Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery is a term that is often used casually to refer to any type of backup, replication or clustering technology or architecture. Sometimes disaster recovery (DR) is used interchangeably with the term “business continuity” (BC). This being said, disaster recovery involves many or all of these components. Let us clarify disaster recovery; take a look at why businesses don’t implement a good plan; and then investigate how cloud technologies make true DR easier and more affordable.

What’s the Deal with the Contract?

Well, everything and that’s the point. Over the years I’ve been asked why US Signal’s agreements sometimes are longer when compared to other providers. My answer is concise - it’s because we don’t hide anything from our customers. I know that’s not always satisfying to sales representatives but the truth is that the details of how we will do business together matter in our customer relationships. 

How Does Peering Work?

In order to talk about peering, we must talk about the Internet in general. Peering is a very large part of how the Internet functions. The Internet is not one single thing, entity or organization but rather thousands of networks connected through the exchange of information – made possible with peering

Colocation Facility Considerations

To keep your company growing, it is imperative to keep your business' information safe and your apps reliable; this is where secure colocation fits in. If your servers and devices aren't residing in a dedicated data center, you run the risk of lost data and downtime with your apps.

Colocation - More Relevant Than Ever

Without a doubt, change is rapid when it comes to your business's IT needs. New products and services roll out constantly, including the transition to cloud-based services. There's the evolution of the data center and mission-critical applications, such as disaster-recovery-as-a-service. And of course, mobile apps have exploded.

Creating a Data and Systems Backup and Recovery Plan

In my last blog post, we covered the current state of backup and recovery plans as presented in a recent FEMA report. The report indicated that more than 30 percent of surveyed companies report major fails when it comes to data and systems recovery. To that end, below is a list of the information you'll need to identify and understand to create and implement a smart backup and recovery plan for all your organization's data and systems.