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Beers with Engineers is a local meetup that includes networking, panel discussions, Q&A, and of course, the best brews in town. Each quarter, we discuss an emerging or trending topic in technology. This is the perfect opportunity to get your burning questions answered by industry experts. Bring your friends or gain new friends with common interests. A variety of technical levels of engineers are welcome to learn, grow, and network, including students over 21. No sales pitches.

Virtual Event Tips:

  • BYOB and tell us in the chat what you're sipping on.
  • We're adding in a virtual Happy Hour immediately following the primary event. Put on your Beers with Engineers merch and turn on your camera and mic. Let's "see" each other and keep the conversation going.
  • Use the Q&A function and we will either answer your question live or one of the panelists will answer it in the feature box.
  • Attend live! Don't wait for the recording. Our sponsors have a number of giveaways, but we're only handing them off to those attending live. If dialing in, make sure to connect your email/name, because that's how we check that the randomly drawn names are actually on.

Q4 Virtual Event: Keys to Creating a Simple Vulnerability Intelligence Program 

November 17, 3:30 PM EST

Do you have a small or saturated team of IT professionals currently being asked to protect your business from cyber attacks that are a threat to business operations? Is it hard to know which security vendors to trust that are promising that they can help you protect your organization? Join us at our next Beers with Engineers, while we discuss:

  • The difference between reactive and proactive protection
  • Pro's and Con's to the different types of vulnerability scanning
  • Vulnerability Management; reducing risk vs. meeting compliance requirements

We're making this one a little extra special.

  1. Everyone who registers will get the opportunity to opt in for our Beers with Engineers merch bundle. To get your bundle before the event, you must register before November 10.
  2. Shortly after your registration, you will be given email instructions on how to get local beer on us! To participate in this offer, you must register before the "beer pick-up" date, November 11. There are a number of participating breweries, one from each of our selected cities. Please note that based on your location, you may need to take a little road trip to participate.

Make sure you take advantage of these giveaways! Show off your bundle or your beer by taking a pic and tagging us on any social channel. We'll also watch the hashtag, #BeersWithEngineers.


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