As your company grows, its information technology (IT) needs become more complex. You need a partner that will support you as you grow your organization. US Signal works with companies in Grand Rapids and throughout the Midwest, offering a range of IT services and solutions.

We get to know our customers' needs at the beginning by asking them detailed questions before designing a potential solution. We then discuss the solution with your company, including your options and advantages. We accept your feedback and adjust the solution based on your needs and concerns.

Learn more about our cloud storage, professional IT services and consulting services in the Grand Rapids area.

IT Solutions for the Grand Rapids Area

IT isn't one-size-fits-all. Your company's IT needs can vary considerably from a competitor's. We understand that, so we provide customized IT advice and guidance to the organizations we work with.

Our goal is to help your company optimize its technology. Depending on your specific needs and objectives, we can work with you to help your company:

  • Migrate data.
  • Assess cloud-readiness.
  • Analyze and review technology resources.
  • Choose technology goals.

Our IT services are available on a project or hourly basis.


    Grand Rapids Managed IT Services

    Outsourcing some of your business's daily IT tasks can help reduce the burden on your tech team, giving them more time and freedom to focus on your company's larger concerns. Through our managed IT services, you work with a team of technology experts who understand best practices and have IT expertise.

    As an extension of your company's IT team, our managed services include patch management and backups. We'll work with you to reduce downtime and increase efficiency. You can feel confident that your data and infrastructure will be secure and functional.


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    IT Consulting in Grand Rapids

    Sometimes, your company may face an IT challenge it's unsure how to respond to. Whether it's an issue regarding security, compliance or new technologies, our consulting services can help you solve your concerns. As consultants to your company's IT department, we provide guidance and advice before you begin large-scale projects.


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    Grand Rapids Cloud Service Provider

    With cloud storage, your company can access its data anytime and anywhere. You can also trust that your confidential information is securely stored. US Signal provides enterprise cloud solutions on a carrier-grade network with Cisco® technologies and redundant architecture. Our network enhances speed and security.

    When you choose us as your enterprise cloud service provider, you get a hosted private cloud solution backed by VMware® technology.

    We also offer cloud storage, including object and file storage. Our storage solution complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and payment card industry (PCI) standards.


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    Grand Rapids Colocation Services

    You may not want to migrate your company's data to the cloud. At the same time, you may not feel comfortable storing that data on-premises. Our colocation services provide a third option. Offered through one of our two data centers in Grand Rapids, our colocation services allow you to keep your IT assets connected and protected without the costs and ongoing maintenance an on-premises data center requires.


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