Monitor, detect and remediate even the most advanced threats with machine learning-powered endpoints protection

US Signal’s next-generation Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (MDR) service proactively prevents and resolves security issues across laptops, desktops and servers. Incorporating continuous monitoring and leading-edge technologies, it provides maximum protection against ever-changing and increasingly complex threats.

Drawing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced endpoint threat detection and response tools and technologies, the service identifies and automatically addresses suspicious activities ─ including ransomware.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response is available as a managed service to provide the most advanced and secure endpoint security services, in which US Signal's Security Operations Center (SOC) team handles all security alerts and responses.

Pricing includes a one-time set up fee and a monthly charge per endpoint.

Multi-layered Intelligence

Multi-layered Intelligence

Uses AI and machine learning to continually enhance security intelligence

Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Visibility

Integrates data from all endpoints to eliminate blind spots and bolster security

Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet Compliance Requirements

Helps ensure endpoint compliance with data security standards

Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is US Signal’s premium tier-level EDR service offered as a managed service. US Signal’s Security Operations Center (SOC) team receives and responds to all security alerts, freeing up your internal resources and enabling you to leverage the SOC team’s extensive security experience and expertise.

In addition to all the features provided in the premium level self-managed option, Premium MDR offers:

+ 24/7/365 monitoring and response

+ Quarterly account review

+ Automated quarantine

+ Policy configuration and compatibility assessment

+ Exclusion and interoperability management

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