Object Storage

Object Storage

US Signal Object Storage offers easily accessible storage capacity that can be scaled with almost infinite capacity.  It’s ideal for cost-effectively storing large quantities of data, including unstructured data. And, it’s accessible through a REST API via the internet.  You can connect to it from anywhere, anytime, and with any device or application that supports S3 or Swift API calls.

Storage API calls are made to highly-available public API gateways, which parse data into smaller fragments that are encoded and stored on multiple backend cluster resources for data redundancy.  This gives Object Storage its self-healing capability.  In addition, erasure coding provides the redundancy needed to protect your data against failures.  


  • Low-cost, long-term, scalable storage for unstructured data
  • Highly available REST gateways for API transactions
  • Easy, quick access from any device or application over the Internet via S3 or Swift API transactions
  • Single monthly expense with no API transaction or ingress and egress bandwidth fees
  • Data erasure coded and spread across multiple cluster objects to ensure data availability
  • Multiple geo-diverse storage locations available
  • Secure data transport (SSL Encryption)
  • SLA-backed

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