Accommodate data growth and long-term data retention needs by offloading older backup files to more affordable object storage.

US Signal’s Cloud Archive for Veeam enables you to leverage the lower cost, simplicity and elasticity of object storage. Using the Cloud Tier feature in Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4, Cloud Archive for Veeam automatically archives backup data into US Signal S3 Object Storage. You get unlimited capacity for long-term data retention at the lower cost of object storage.

The integration with object storage also results in a space- saving, smaller footprint on your local storage that doesn’t hinder recovery operations. Backups that have been offloaded to object storage remain transparently accessible to all Veeam functionality and are readily available for restores to production directly from object storage without prior staging. You can still perform instant virtual machine recoveries, computer and disk-level restores and file-level and item-level restores.

Space Efficiency

Space Efficiency

Backup files are offloaded to object storage in the forever incremental manner, preventing duplication between multiple full backups.

Bandwidth Efficiency

Bandwidth Efficiency

Egress traffic from object storage is minimized during restores by reading matching blocks from the closest backup file on-premises instead of pulling blocks from object storage.



Offloaded backups are self-sufficient, so they can be imported even if the on-premises backup server is lost along with its configuration and database.


  • Enables you to take advantage of the lower costs associated with Object Storage, making it ideal for longer-term data retention
  • Backups offloaded to object storage are readily available for restores to production without prior staging
  • Offloaded backups aren’t dependent on any external catalog or metadata, allowing them to be imported even if the on-premises backup server is completely lost along with its configuration and database
  • No vendor lock-in associated with secondary storage appliances

Free 30-Day, 5 TB Trial for Cloud Backup with Veeam

Using Veeam Cloud Connect, create off-site backups to a US Signal data center free for 30 days.